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It's shocking that we've neglected this topic for so long, but it's finally time for the king of horror to get DEEP FAT FRIED! Join our Patreon to listen to the rest of this episode and 100s more exclusive episodes, streams, and more!על ידי Deep Fat Fried
We all know that borders between states and countries are a bunch of gosh darned BS, but most of us have NO IDEA the extent to which borders make no sense. After this episode you’ll truly know - borders are really stupid. The dumbest and weirdest borders in the world get DEEP FAT FRIED!על ידי Deep Fat Fried
When it comes to projects that the military is working on, unfortunately we don’t get to know much. "TOP SECRET" and all of that. Fortunately, they’re eventually forced to come clean and tell us how much of our hard earned tax dollars they've WASTED. Today we take a look at military boondoggles SO RIDICULOUS they beggar belief.…
When TJ did the first Cats episode, Paul was pretty indifferent towards cats. Now that Paul's had his cat Cricket in his life (and maybe some toxoplasmosis), he's finally realized the true awesome power of cats! On our latest Patreon exclusive, we take an even deeper dive into the true masters of Earth: felines. Join to listen to the rest! https://…
Every person has made some mistakes in their life, and as we all know businesses are people too. On our Patreon we covered eight of the worst examples of poor judgement in the corporate world. Join to listen to the rest!על ידי Deep Fat Fried
They're in a lot of movies, but most probably don't know the TRUTH about Japan's most infamous gang. Learn with us today on DEEP FAT FRIED! Subscribe to the Patreon to watch the rest of this episode and 150+ more exclusives!על ידי Deep Fat Fried
I'm sure most of us have had the unpleasant experience of being on the receiving end of driving faux pas. While most of us can (mostly) contain our frustration, there's some people that just snap on the road and lash out in media-worthy incidents. That's what we'll cover today on Deep Fat Fried.על ידי Deep Fat Fried
It's time for yet another edition of Lamest Video Games! Laugh and cringe with the guys as they look at games so lame, you'll wonder how they ever got made. Join our Patreon to listen to the rest of this episode and 200+ more exclusive episodes:על ידי Deep Fat Fried
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