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This week Dr. Luke Miller looks at Romans 12:9-10 and the 5 clear instructions Paul gives on how we should deal with other people in our lives. What does it mean to 'put others first' in a church setting and in world? Join us and find out!על ידי Sunrise Community Church
This week Dr. Luke Miller looks at Luke chapter 9 and the run up to the famous passage in verse 23. We are going to look at the intriguing question that Jesus asks about 'who He is'. The answer is one that can change a life so join us as we discover how to live that live as a bold disciples of Jesus.…
We all have them.....Excuses to get out doing things we know we need to do. It doesn't matter if it's mowing the lawn, running errands, or evangelism & discipleship. This week Dr. Luke takes a look at Luke 14 and the lead up to the famous passage on 'taking up our cross' as disciples. What lead Jesus to make this bold statement on discipleship? Joi…
As we look at what it means to live a bold life as a disciple of Jesus we find ourselves challenged by the words of John 8:30-36. What does is mean to be living a truly 'free' life. This week Dr. Luke Miller explores how we move from knowledge to action in our role of disciples.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
We're starting a new series looking at what it means to live a bold life as a disciple of Jesus. Today we start we to foundational passages Matthew 28:18-30 * Acts 1:8. In 4 short verses Jesus sums up His ministry and mission for us. Join Dr. Luke Miller as he looks closer at The Great Commissionעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
As we finish up Malachi we take once last close look at the time period following Malachi's prophecy and what led up to the events of Jesus' time. We'll take a look at the key players that develop during the '400 years of silence' and their role in the Gospelsעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
What happens between the Old and New Testaments? This week Dr. Luke Miller takes a look at the 400 'not-so-silent' years following Malachi leading into the Gospels. We will see how some significant events lead two a better context of Jesus' ministry and reading the Gospels.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
This week Dr. Luke Miller looks at the famous passage of Malachi 3:8-12 where God challenges us to test Him. We will take a look at the trust factor when it comes to giving everything over to God and what we will see come out of trusting Himעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
This week Pastor Luke looks at the phrase in Malachi 3:6 that God does not change. We will see why this statement sets the the stage for a much deeper understanding of Malachi's message and what we can take away from it.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
On this week where we celebrate Independence Day Dr. Luke Miller takes a look at the the the events that led to Israels' release from Babylonian captivity and their own freedom to return to the land God promised. We'll see how we can use the event in Daniel, along with Persian and Babylonian records, to help prove the historicity of the post-exilic…
As Luke continues to go deeper into the book of Malachi he starts to explore it's greater role as the last of the minor prophets. What continuing themes do we see throughout the book that leads to God's frustration in Malachi 2.....It's not the first time reoccurring problems have shown up in the life of Israel......And they are not alone with reoc…
This week Dr. Luke Miller takes a look at the Malachi 2 and the interpretive challenges it brings. It's easy to discount scripture by saying that the message was only for those back then. To day we wrestle with what inauthentic worship looks like and the fact that God would rather us not worship at all instead of bringing inauthentic worship to…
This week Luke continues looking at the more difficult passages of Malachi 1 as we see that they are not as difficult as we first thought. We will look at the relationship with Jacob and Esau and how God uses that to help us describe His relationship with us.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
Dive deeper into Malachi as we look at how we use historiography to determine the date & setting of Malachi. Dr. Luke Miller looks at the relationship between the books of Nehemiah and Malachi to get a better understand of the books context.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
It’s something we can’t earn, it’s something we don’t deserve, but God gives it to us freely, so then what is the process of grace and restoration? This week Luke takes a look at the first part of the prodigal son story in Luke 15 as he looks at it from both the perspective of the father and the son.…
We all know people in our lives who think that living a 'good' life makes them a Christian. This week Luke takes a look at John 3 and what it means to not only show grace, but to share God's grace with others. In a world looking for hope we often forget that the world is looking for grace.על ידי Sunrise Community Church
How can we learn grace from Jesus? This week we look at how he showed grace to the children while teaching the adults about theirs roles in their upbringing. Jesus can teach us a lot about what community life should look like. Join Dr. Luke Miller this week in Mark 10 as we start to look at Graceעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
This week Pastor Luke builds off the story of David and Goliath as he looks at Romans 15 and what how we reconcile what happens when our plans don't match God's plans. Pastor Luke will lead us though how you can continue with where God is leading you even when the unexpected happensעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
This week Luke looks at what it means to be proactive in facing our fears as he concludes 1 Samuel 17 and the story of David and Goliath. There are always different seasons to life and often we try and stay on the 'hilltops' and not go into the 'valleys' but this week we will be challenge by the fact that sometime we need to stand up and face our f…
We've talked a lot about trials and hardships in the past and present but how do we actively approach the fears we have in our lives now and in the future. Join Dr. Luke Miller as he walks through 1 Samuel 17 and shows how was can face our giants today and in the future.על ידי Luke Miller
When we find ourselves in conflict with others how do we react? As we continue our series in Romans 14 we look at what really matters when we find ourselves in conflict. In the last podcast before Christmas we will focus on how we can be active peacemakers for the sake of God’s kingdomעל ידי Luke Miller
We continue our series looking at resolving conflict with another week of examining what it means to have a judgemental spirit. We are are guilty of it at some point, but how can we turn change that in order to impact our community with the Gospel.על ידי Luke Miller
How can we disagree without being disagreeable? What Biblical principles can we use to help guide us to become stronger as a community despite our differences? Join us this week as we continue looking at Romans 14 and resolving conflict in our livesעל ידי Sunrise Community Church
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