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As traditionally is done for the last session of the Band of Brothers season, today was an open microphone session, where men were called on to share their hearts and what God has done in their lives. Before the session began, a worship team consisting of Jesse Harris, Tim Hunter,...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Michael More’ presented, “Joseph: Bringing Up Jesus,” the last message in the series entitled, “Called to Righteousness (Integrity),” and the last message for Fellowship Alliance Chapel’s Band of Brothers. Not much is mentioned in the Bible about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, and the husband of Mary, but there...…
Michael More’ presented, “John the Baptist: Bold Humility,” the third message in the current series. As example to us Christians, John the Baptist was not only bold with his faith, even to the point of it costing him his life, but he was also very humble, recognizing that he was...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Pastor Steve Hoadley presented, “Barnabas: Son of Encouragement,” during which he pointed out that the Holy Spirit filled Barnabas and was active in his life, allowing him to be the encourager he was. As Steve explained, Barnabas’ real name was Joseph, but his personality to encourage others was so strong...…
Jesse Harris opened the final series of the final season of Fellowship Alliance Chapel’s Band of Band of Brothers breakfast ministry, “Called to Righteousness (Integrity),” by presenting, “Boaz: Who’s the Kinsman Redeemer?” As Jesse pointed out, living righteously means acting in accord with divine...…
Jim Hall presented, “Nehemiah: Leading by Example” during which he pointed out three attributes a Christian leader must have in order to lead effectively for Christ: love of God, love of His people, and willingness to step out of his comfort zone. Nehemiah displayed all three of those as he...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Dave Stow presented, “Ezra: The Team Approach,” during which he gave an analogy of a sports team that needs all members to play a part in order to have success. In the same manner, leaders are called by God to make a difference for God’s Kingdom by causing revival in...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Pastor Seth opened our newest series, “Called to Lead,” by presenting “Joshua: Faith Brings Down Walls,” during which he reminded us that because God created us for a purpose, He requires something of us. God gave Joshua the command to take the battle to Jericho and defeat the Canaanites, and...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Stan Schroeder presented, “Peter: But Who Do You Say That I Am?,” as the final presentation of the “Called to Loyalty” series. Stan talked about the different stages that Peter’s loyalty to Christ went through as he was walking along side of Him on earth. As Stan explained, loyalty involves...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Jesse Harris spoke on the Biblical character Elisha and how he exemplified loyalty to Elijah, his mentor, and especially to God. He focused on how Elisha’s loyalty led to great blessing in his life and ministry, and connected it to how our loyalty to God can and will be a...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Michael More’ presented, “Jonathan: Worth the Cost,” during which the men were encouraged to look at the legacy of Jonathan in the Bible, with respect to his Godly attribute of loyalty. Jonathan was a good example because he lived out his loyalty to his father Saul, to David, and primarily...על ידי Fellowship Alliance Chapel
Elder Phil Morgan presented the first message of the “Called to Loyalty” series, entitled, “Mordecai: Loyalty Rewarded.” Phil defined loyalty as putting someone else ahead of yourself and sticking with that person through thick and thin. To be loyal necessitates being humble and submitting to God’s sovereignty. God uses His...…
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