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(0:45-4:15) The idea of a Sports Gambling stock market, how it would work (4:19-5:38) NBA playoffs suck, no competitive games, worst postseason in sports(5:40-19:15)How the KU players performed at the NBA combine, where they'll get drafted, Will Azubuike return to college? (19:31-24:30) 13 Reasons Why Season 2 came out, the controversy surrounding …
(0:00-17:50) Complete breakdown of the legalization of Sports Gambling, what it means, what's the impact, what changes, etc(18:45-25:00) Story of stalker woman who sent a man 65,000 text messages(26:15-31:00)Life advice to recent graduates(31:00-end) Jared answers various questions from commentersעל ידי Jared Lenz
(1:50-11:35): NFL draft takeaways, how you can take the draftees' stories and add inspiration into your life, chase your dreams, life advice(11:35-19:37): Media members going back & digging up old tweets from athletes has skyrocketed to the top of my pet peeves, ITS NOT NEWS(19:45-29:00) : Breakdown of everything you need to know about Romeo Langfo…
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