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Julie and Liz talk to Ned Ryun about Monkeypox, NOTARECESSION, midterm elections, and Trump 2024. Ned's organization American Majority Follow Ned on twitter Buy Ned's books Amazon.comעל ידי Julie and Liz
Julie and Liz talk to Kurt Schlichter about his new book, the military, the lame GOP and J6. Follow Kurt on Twitter Buy Kurt's new book pre-order, 7/12 release Buy all of Kurt's Booksעל ידי Julie and Liz
Julie and Liz talk to Sean Davis about SCOTUS protests, Ukraine, Covid and other news of the week. The show has some technical difficulties, we apologize in advance. Sean Davis on Twitter Sean Davis at The Federalistעל ידי Julie and Liz
Julie and Liz talk to Miranda Devine about Hunter Biden's Laptop from Hell Follow Miranda on Twitter Buy Miranda's book: Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide Read Miranda at the New York Postעל ידי Julie and Liz
Julie and Liz talk to Brandon Straka (pt. 2) about his J6 experiences and about the suicide of Matthew Perna. Lee Smith joins us for the second half of the show to talk about Ukraine/Russia war. Brandon Straka website Follow Brandon on Twitter Lee Smith at Tablet Ukraine's Deadly Gamble by Lee Smith Watch Lee Smith's China: The Enemy Within Follow …
Join Julie and Liz for the first of a two part series interviewing Brandon Straka. Brandon started the successful "Walk Away" movement, encouraging voters to leave the Democrat party. He was arrested for his attendance on January 6. Tune in to listen to his description of the event and hear about the consequences of his arrest and subsequent misdem…
Julie and Liz talk to Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute about Covid and The Great Barrington Declaration: one year later. The Brownstone Institute Jeffrey Tucker Follow Jeffrey on Twitterעל ידי Julie and Liz
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