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Irrationality has taken precedence in our society today. Why? Well, it may just be ignorance, OR, it may be pure apathy. Whatever the case may be, Mike Hanson goes the distance in trying to bring 'rationale' back into the hearts and minds of an 'irrational' world. Topics on this podcast include news and politics, sports, culture, Christianity, and everything in between.
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Looking through the history of New York leadership, we see nothing but endless scandals and shady practices. The question is, is the people of New York ready for a change? Listen in as Mike Hanson makes a compelling case showing that the need for a new direction in NY is way overdue.על ידי Mike Hanson
Like many of you, Mike Hanson is just as frustrated as he watches this beautiful country become something completely opposite of what it was created for. And he, Mike Hanson, is not ashamed to say it like it is. The so-called COVID-Jab is absolutely out of control and affecting our society in a way that is destructive—NOT constructive; therefore, M…
Well, I'm back, and I'm coming in strong. Why is there such a division within our culture? Why are people allowing fear to push them into vaccinations, while hating others for not doing it? Well, listen in and learn why I decided not to vaccinate, and why you should be sure to get educated; not only on the vaccination issue but also all things Amer…
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