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Join Paul Rook, Kerry Greenaway and Richard Clements as we take a look at one of histories most notorious prisons - Newgate Prison. We delve deep into the history and take a look at some of the hauntings that are alledgely linked to the area.על ידי PARANORMAL CONCEPT SHOW
This week the Paranormal Concept takes a look at the infamous capitol punishment of Hangings and the Gallows. Have a listen whilst we discuss the occasion, location and history and wonder why in this highly emotive situation is there very little or no reported paranormal activity?על ידי PARANORMAL CONCEPT SHOW
This week Paul & Kerry take a look at some of the plagues that have occured throughout history and the impact it had on society. The prevalence today of the discovery of many plague pits gives an indication of the effect it had on the day to day beliefs and lives of the people it effected.על ידי PARANORMAL CONCEPT SHOW
Paul Rook & Kerry Greenaway interview Rev David Parry regarding his latest book release named Mount Athos Inside Me, which looks at the works of Swedenborg and looks and many aspects of the spiritual and paranormal. A fascinating case study covering many years of spiritual experience. Almost a decade in the making, the radical research, meditations…
Join Paul Rook & Kerry Greenaway, as they look into the Nazis and their Occult dealings. We are also joined in the studio by Andy Mercer. Parasearch Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best in the paranormal field. Covering all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, spiritual, cryptozoology, ufology, conspiracy, folklore, occult, mythology, hist…
Following on from the #DarkTourism on #TheDarkMirrorShow, What #locations appeal to you and why is the question we will be asking. What Dark Tourist locations would you visit ? #ParasearchRadio is dedicated to bringing you the best in the #paranormalfield. Covering all areas of the #paranormal, #supernatural, #spiritual, #cryptozoology, #ufology, #…
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