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We delve further into the world of hypotheticals, and end up taking on sex dreams (the animated, the unfinished, the greyed-out, and the totally hot), being attracted to cartoons, superpowers we covet, and we end up finding the perfect career for Evan's son.על ידי Population Five
Pop5 welcomes its first guest, and we discuss publicly shaming children, the worst punishments we ever received, childhood shoplifting, the pleasures of new socks, wallowing in your own personal filth, the Steubenville rape case, and Jerry Sandusky.על ידי Population Five
In which we talk about the Oscars, gay bars, internet dating, Philadelphia versus New York City, the ethics of wearing pajamas in public, and why anyone would ever answer the door when they are not expecting someone to come over. And we now know not to ever shake hands with Buddy.על ידי Population Five
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