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Point 1: Believe It (v. 16) Sub Point 1: That It Is God Speaking (V.16a) Point 2: Proclaim It (v.16) Sub Point 1: For Teaching (v.16b) Sub Point 2: For Reproof (v.16b) Sub Point 3: For Correction (v.16b) Point 3: Live It (vv.16-17) Sub Point 1: For Training (v.16b) Sub Point 2: For Godliness (v.17)על ידי Redemption Church
We Cherish the Partners of the Gospel (21-23) We Comprehend the Power of the Gospel (25a) We Confess the Provisions of the Gospel (25b-26a) We Communicate the Proclamations of the Gospel (26b-27) a. Proclamation of His Message b. Proclamation of His Magnificenceעל ידי Redemption Church
1. The Characteristics of a Healthy Christian (14-16) a. Supportive (14) b. Wise (14) c. Straightforward (15) d. Focused (16) e. Sacrificial (16) 2. The Concerns of a Healthy Christian (17-21) a. A Glorious Boast (17,18a) b. A Triumphant Mission (18b,19) c. A Determined Pursuit (20,21)על ידי Redemption Church
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