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We discuss how to recognize psychosis in the Emergency Department. Psychosis is not just a single symptom, but a mix of potential symptoms each of varying intensities. This can be subtle and difficult to miss. We also discuss how important the collateral history from family and friends is during the evaluation period. We discuss that it is benefici…
This is a discussion with Dr. Kenneth Bernard, an emergency physician working on a Native American reservation in Arizona. We discuss the First Annual Native America and Rural Emergency Medicine Conference. We also discuss a case of necrotizing fasciitis and a minimally invasive procedure that can aid in the diagnosis of this condition.…
This episode we have two segments. The first is a discussion of using an IO drill for skull trephination for epidural hematoma. The second segment is a discussion with a clinical psychiatrist on the topic of suicidal patients in the Emergency Department.על ידי Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast
This is a discussion with Tadd Ferguson, a physician at a tertiary care center who receives multiple patient transfers from smaller hospitals. We his point of view on transfers as well as his ideas on how to improve patient transfers to other hospitals.על ידי Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast
This is a case discussion of a lodged esophageal button battery in a pediatric patient. This was complicated by inability to transport to the nearest pediatric endoscopist. We discuss typical management of a lodged esophageal button battery and how this case was managed.על ידי Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast
This is a case presentation of a precipitous delivery complicated by shoulder dystocia. This discusses multiple options to manage shoulder dystocia. This podcast is geared toward the emergency provider, specifically those in a rural emergency department.על ידי Rural Emergency Medicine Podcast
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