Karate and Your Self Mastery


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Karate and Your Self Mastery. The precepts and the tenents of martial arts. The first is always the first and the last is always the first. The point is there may be a list but it is about each one that is important as the moment demands.

Niju Kun

Most Martial Arts Have Tenents

We can look at Judo, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. The tenets are fantastic ideas to wrap one’s life around, but Tae Kwon does have a unique one, Indomitable Spirit. Which I translate into, Be a tough nut. And because this tenent is so unique it stands out requires more than a passing thought. Being a tough nut in, Tae Kwon Do or karate requires self-mastery.

Compassion is valuable and needed but without rules, compassion becomes soft and useless. Rules without compassion will often result in mutiny. The tenents of these martial arts have a balance. As one line may talk about being strong and resilient. The next line may speak to being responsible to the community. Taking care of the area in which the martial artist resides.

Karate and Your Self Mastery are about self-focus

Self-focus is not about a conceded, self-centered approach to oneself. It is like the old karate teacher would be saying, “Keep your back yard clean.” Being attentive to what is your responsibility is number one. Not looking over the fence to see what the neighbor’s yard looks like and of course, criticizing it.

As for the tenents of your art. Yes, adopt them and use them in your life to the best of your ability. These were passed on, left to us in we may use them to better ourselves. And here is a test. Would you want your child to have the qualities espoused in the tenent of your art?

You Want The Best for Your Family, Do Your Best For You

Would you be upset or disappointed if your child decides not to work those elements into their lives? The answer is likely yes, yes it would be disappointing. So now your charge is to go forward and integrate the basic precepts of your art into your life. This is not done to avoid upsetting a long-dead karate instructor. You choose to lean into the wisdom provided to you, so you can gain self-mastery and live an exceptional life.

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Kris Wilder is a martial artist based in the semi-arid rolling lands of Eastern Washington. He has authored many martial art books, including the classic, The Way of Kata. Making no apologies for his obsession of Football he can be found telling any who will listen about the nuances of the Canadian Football League.

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