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The A.B.G.C. (Anthro Bionic Galactic Core) is a sci-fi fantasy dark drama adventure story-cast with a little humor sprinkled in. It’s a riveting tale of half-human half-animal characters abducted by the military and forced to live on a grim space station, where they are surgically altered and ordered to pilot their space ships to defend Earth and its surrounding space from hostile invaders. T-shirts and other merchandise can be purchased to support this podcast at: https://abgc.creator-sprin ...
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Welcome to the A.B.G.C. Story-Cast! Home of the ABGC (Anthro Bionic Galactic Core). This is where it all starts. Hear a brief lead-in, followed the by ABGC Theme Song! Then we go straight to Episode 1 where we meet the characters for the first time. Headphones recommended. T-shirts and other merchandise available for purchase to support this story-…
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