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Poets, dancers, and painters at war with white supremacy, COVID, criminal militias, and Milosevic? Muralists, musicians, and actors, making a difference in homeless shelters, planning departments, emergency rooms, and death row? Sound delusional? Yea, sure, but also true! And when creativity confronts destruction, and imagination faces fear, in places like Ferguson, Johannesburg, Belfast and San Quentin surprising things happen. Our stories help shape and sustain our beliefs and actions. Bil ...
Hear Her Sports Glenville is a neighborhood stories project sharing the power of sports for girls, women, and communities. 100 girls and women who grew up, live in, or work in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood will tell their stories about sports, health, history, change, plus hope for our city and, in particular, for Glenville. These recordings document history told by women.
Hello and welcome to this equine voices trailer podcast. My name is Ronnie and I’m an intuitive equine communicator. I’ll be Sharing stories and personal thoughts (from my own perspective) on how my life has changed for the better, by changing my limited believes one step at a time. This has impacted not only on my personal life but also in my work with horses. With the help of good friends, self help and lots of soul searching, I feel I'm now in a much better place. However, I've still a lo ...
The Drive comes your way weekdays from 2pm-6pm on 610 Sports Radio. Carrington Harrison & 'The Sports Machine' Sean Levine will make you laugh, listen & learn in the afternoon or on your drive home from work. They're passionate, dynamic and care about giving the listeners the quality and entertainment they demand. Tune in!
The San Francisco Symphony’s American Orchestra Forum brings together voices from diverse cultural perspectives and the general public to explore the 21st-century American orchestra. Topics include how orchestras connect with their communities; how orchestras balance creativity and innovation with artistic traditions and practices; and what orchestras can learn about changing audience patterns and engagement strategies from looking outside their own industry.
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Interview with Pat Cleveland (Part 2) and Frank Fraser- Balanced Horse Project A little introduction: (Check out here page for more information) Horses are Pat Cleveland’s life, her muses and teachers. The power of natural balance is magic to trainers, riders and most importantly horses. Pat started the Balanced Horse Project to document how balanc…
The Drive opened the show discussing the news that Kansas has signed a lifetime contract with basketball coach Bill Self. Plus, the Royals looked very different than the Royals of old in their win on Opening Day. See for privacy information.על ידי The Drive
Episode 22: Bob Leonard - The Continuing Evolution of the Horse Threshold Questions and Delicious Quotes What is the artist's role in the altered and uncertain world we are entering? …there is a human, passion for justice, and it would seem that it's hard to get…as human beings, we rely on the stories that we tell each other to keep our sense of di…
The Drive was joined by Bonta Hill, of 957 The Game in San Francisco and Zach Krantz, of WQAM in Miami to get the reaction from the two cities over the big NFL trade. Plus, why is baseball Opening Day so special? See for privacy information.על ידי The Drive
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