Object-Oriented Programming In JavaScript + New Year's Resolutions


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This episode we go back into the technical, and we discuss Object-Oriented Programming! Today we talk about how to cultivate your dev story! We talk about why we use it and the four pillars of OOP.
The four pillars of object-oriented programming are:

  • Abstraction - To abstract something away means to hide away the implementation details inside something – sometimes a prototype, sometimes a function. So when you call the function you don't have to understand exactly what it is doing.
  • Encapsulation -Removing access to parts of your code and making things private is exactly what Encapsulation is all about (often times, people refer to it as data hiding).
  • Inheritance - Inheritance lets one object acquire the properties and methods of another object. In JavaScript this is done by Prototypal Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism - Polymorphism means "the condition of occurring in several different forms." That's exactly what the fourth and final pillar is concerned with – types in the same inheritance chains being able to do different things.

During our second half we discuss our New Year's Resolutions in coding/developing and in general.
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