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My guest for today is Vishal Khandelwal. Vishal is the founder of, an initiative to help people learn the art of value investing and behavioral finance to be able to make better investment decisions. The site, which he started in 2011, is subscribed by more than 90,000 readers and has been ranked among the best value investing blogs worldwide. Vishal is also the author of The Sketchbook of Wisdom, which is packed with 50 timeless ideas from the wisest people who have walked this Earth. Vishal calls it a manual on virtue, happiness, and the pursuit of wealth and good life.

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Show notes:

0:00 - Intro

1:32 - Vishal’s journey with Safal Niveshak

8:45 - The story behind “The One Percent Show”

11:19 - What made Vishal write “The Sketchbook of Wisdom”

13:55 - How and when Vishal found his Ikigai

16:25 - Writing on behavioral finance v/s stock ideas

17:43 - Why Vishal does not like writing about stocks

19:48 - Simplifying personal finance

23:30 - Approaching insurance planning

26:20 - What is the need for financial education

28:42 - Understanding the “Robinhood generation of investors”

30:40 - How should you navigate bipolar markets?

32:58 - Have markets become short-term on an average?

35:48 - How can one avoid the trap of short-term investing?

39:20 - Becoming an investment Buddha

42:48 - How can you navigate market cycles?

47:13 - Vishal’s lessons from his podcasts

50:40 - Strategically copying investment styles

51:37 - Who has impacted Vishal’s investing strategy?

53:30- Why Vishal loves being an educator

54:08 - How has meditation helped Vishal?

57:52 - An investing stereotype Vishal wants you to break

1:01:30 - Understanding our complicated relationship with money

1:02:47 - Resolving the gender divide in finance

1:07:22 - How does Vishal read & journal?

1:10:20 - Vishal’s advice to a 20 year old today

1:12:40 - Advice to a young parent

1:13:48 - Vishal’s views on Crypto

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