DDG #15 – Crash Course US History with Freedom and I Nearly Confuse Myself…. everyday


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Crash Course US History – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E9WU9TGrec&list=PL8dPuuaLjXtMwmepBjTSG593eG7ObzO7s

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“Freedom” has meant a great number of things throughout time to a great number of people, from the “freedom from lustful temptations” to “freedom from government control”

ddg – knowledge, wisdom and intelligence

Humans now versus humans “x” hundred of years ago (minus stuff like aspirin tolerance)

Collective Learning (Part 1) – https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/big-history-project/early-humans/collective-learning/a/collective-learning-part-1

– Intelligence from Neil DT tweaked and flattened
– It is a 2d disk
– The larger the disk the more/longer the border (the circumference), the more definable points that exist on that border, that line, like meatballs on the edge of a pizza and that border is the virtual line between knowledge and ignorance
– Everybody has this line
– Everybody’s line is different
– That line has a width, it’s blurry line, it contains and is made up of our biases, our believes, our faiths and is limited by our own brains “clock speed” and rate of information digestion
– This disk is alive, it’s size and shape are always moving, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, it grows and shrinks with age and time
– It is manipulatable by ourselves to a degree, but it affected by others, events, activities and “compounds”, each person has different abilities and desires and I can see them being expressed in this virtual disk
– The true form of this disk is ——–
– Topics, categories or silos of intelligence reach out of the circle of knowledge like branches or points jetting away from the center, likewise topics, categories or silos of ignorance dip in towards the middle like fractures or branches
– Everybody is stupid (technically ignorant) about more possible topics than topics they know nearly anything about, we are only experts in a very small number of topics
– These branches of knowledge also expose our intelligence to even more ignorance (I think through cognitive biases) it is only when we near a expert level of knowledge do we realize just how little we knew before and thus the ignorance we still have in the topic, yet after that we are still “experts”
– This is why/how I believe any “real” experts should/will sometimes purposefully allow humble expositions displaying their own ignorance on the topic they are a expert in

Star Trek Continues – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G-ziTBAkbQ&list=PLhvh2eq-XLgqNxH6npvQxGxLCUHy90IpZ

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