EDSG Episode 147: Despairthoughts, Mindslugs, and More!


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* Part five of our exploration of Horrors!

* Baggi: Obese, hairless, arboreal Horrors.

* Tough, fleshy sacks that swallow their prey whole.

* Feed on feelings of helplessness or frustration.

* Karma Void: Must spend more Karma than normal to affect them.

* Bloodshaper: Astral Horror that creates a physical construct they act through.

* Create corrupted blood charms that infect their victims.

* Feed on feelings of alienation and self-loathing suffered by the victim.

* Opponent for campaign-level or major story arcs.

* Deceiver: Shapeshifting infiltrators that specialize in illusion and deception.

* Empathic and telepathic powers to read targets and replace/impersonate them.

* Feed on feelings of paranoia and distrust.

* Despairthought: The Horror that tormented J’Role in “The Longing Ring”

* Thick, maggoty-looking worm that moves around on stubby arms.

* Astrally projects and deceives parents into infecting their child with it.

* Speaks in their victim’s mind, feeds on their isolation, betrayal, and depression.

* Eventually tries to provoke the victim to kill themselves.

* Doppler: Body Snatchers or doppelgangers.

* Kills the victim and grows a duplicate of them that replaces them.

* Actual psychological syndrome: Capgras Syndrome

* Dread Iota: Microscopic Horrors that infect water and are ingested by their victims.

* Cause victims to suffer a wasting death, then animate their corpse to spread them.

* Cross between modern germ theory and old ideas of illness caused by evil spirits.

* Kreescra: Short, twisted humanoids with out-of-proportion limbs and features.

* Stalk victims and cause nightmares, preventing full night’s sleep.

* Prevents recovery and can cause death if not defeated.

* Mindslugs: Small, black worms that burrow into your skull and eat your brain.

* Ambush and Gain Surprise make them difficult to notice.

* If they get started on a victim, it is painful and difficult to remove them.

* Miseryworm: Larger, more powerful, despairthought variant.

* Similar tactic of approaching parents and targeting their children.

* Rather than driving the victim to suicide, warps them into Wretched Imps.

* Scurrier: Small, chubby humanoids with exposed brains.

* Create and repair traps in ruins and kaers, feed off the pain of adepts that get trapped in them.

* Can complicate kaer delves or Horror lairs because even previously traveled areas might not be safe.

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