120 What is Web3 and How Can it Help My Business?


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Web3. Crypto. NFTs. Blockchain. If your eyes have started to glaze over, it’s ok.. Deb Boulanger is here to help you. Her guest today is about as close to “social media royalty” as you can get. Katie Brinkley has made a living from social media and marketing since the “My Space” days. Her boutique digital marketing agency takes a creative approach to helping companies and their brands stand out – and get results in their digital marketing journey. In this episode Deb will ask the questions that every entrepreneur wants to know and Katie will break down Web3 in an easy to understand language. Take a listen and be reassured that you don’t have to feel left behind any longer.

[00:01 6:32] Opening Segment

  • Katie tells us about her journey into the social media space
  • Katie reflects on changes to the social media landscape from the days of MySpace to Web3
  • Encouragement from an unexpected source, prompts Katie to pursue Social Media professionally
  • The difficulties and rewards of being an entrepreneur.

[6:33 -17:48] Challenges and Rewards

  • The importance of realizing I could not go back to corporate life
  • The importance of having few distractions and an office space away from home
  • Benefits of finding a business bestie, accountability partner or coach
  • Importance of taking advice from those who have more knowledge or experience

[17:49 - 25:07] How do you disrupt the narrative?

  • Web3 allows you to form a community we’re not seeing anywhere else.
  • As creators, we're able to forge a community around our businesses, products and services for our biggest fans.
  • Don’t take out a second mortgage on the house to buy Crypto
  • Taking time to learn the possibilities of what Web3 can do is your first step
  • Where does “Virtual Reality” come into Web3?

[25:08 - 36:49] How do entrepreneurs leverage Web3 for their businesses?

  • How do we educate and engage clients on Web3 and when is the right time to start?
  • The definition of Fungible and NON-fungible tokens
  • How do you launch an NFT?
  • What is the potential for increased revenue with NFTs

[36:50 - 38:51] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Katie through the links below
  • Follow us on social media and leave a review
  • Final words

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Tweetable Quotes:

"Now is the time to be an early experimenter with these new technologies and be at the forefront of their categories."... Katie Brinkley on learning about Web 3 and NFTs

"Web three and NFTs are going to give the power to not just big brands, but business owners, coaches, consultants, artists, personalities, and public figures."... Katie Brinkley on the advantages of Web 3 and NFTs

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