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To all the women out there, how hot are you feeling?

And we don’t mean looks; we’re talking menopause.

To all the men out there, take notes, this applies to you too.

The stigma surrounding menopause prevents many women from feeling comfortable discussing the natural aging processes of the female body. It's important to create an open dialogue for women to share their experiences and have a support system through this transition, so they are not alone.

Who better to discuss this with than the creators of “Getting Hotter”, Falguni and Kruti. They discuss their personal experiences with perimenopause, and the lack of dialogue they experienced even within their friendship. This lack of dialogue became the catalyst for creating “Getting Hotter”. The idea behind “Getting Hotter” was to create a space where women could gather and feel comfortable discussing this new transition in their life. Their arsenal of tools help women find support through a community undergoing these same changes. It also is a platform to create open dialogues with others in their life such as their partners. Creating a compassionate and supportive environment that empowers women to embrace the transition is only a part of the successes of “Getting Hotter”. Tune in for an important conversation meant for every gender so you can learn a few ways on how to support those important women in your life.

“You can just let them know you're getting hotter” -Falguni and Kruti (Getting Hotter)

Falguni is a writer, director & media executive for Vice TV. A certified mindfulness coach who is an enthusiastic albeit sometimes impatient mother of an eight-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy.

Kruti is an architect, designer, filmmaker and an all-around entrepreneurial mother of seven-year-old twins and their nine year old sister.

Both went through perimenopause, and although they are best friends, they didn't talk about it even though they were on the journey at the same time. Thus, they co-founded getting Hotter.

Let's reinforce the message that women are only "Getting Hotter"!

Topics we discuss:

  • Menopause journey
    • You start to heat up and feel more irritable.
    • Burning sensation running up to your head.
    • You experience anger without realizing it.
    • Depth breaths are used as a tool to become more aware.
  • What is menopause?
    • Technically the sensation of menstruation, without the cycle.
    • After 12 months of the onset of symptoms you have no period anymore.
    • Perimenopause: giant gray area that affects daily life.
    • Does not only affect women, it affects their partners too.
    • Most women are unaware there going through it.
  • Cultural differences
    • Some religions won’t let you go to the temple on your period, because your “unclean”.
    • In India women were frowned upon when on their period.
    • Considered it “dirty.”
    • Menopause still told less than now, stigma.
    • So much of this social stigma around the uncleanliness is handed down from cultures.
  • Open conversations around Menopause: bringing it into the vernacular.
    • How to have the conversation with men in your life.
    • This affects partners and family members not only the woman.
    • How to make the conversation normal.
    • Understanding that women are programmed to think we're losing something when going through menopause.
  • “Getting Hotter” as a means for menopause resources.
    • Natural medicine.
    • Provides a toolbox for dealing with Menopause.
    • Facebook group chats.



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