OEITH #304 The Other


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Exploring the shifts in our experience of the other between psychology, the paranormal, magick, and spirituality, encountering along the way: a phobia of spiders; the abject horror of the object of a phobia; the psychological origin of the abhorred other in the self; fascination and fixation in phobia; the example of H.P. Lovecraft; the binding of the other; the other as a false appearance; desire and false appearance; personal experiences of projection; an ironic example from James Joyce; Jung on the animus/anima; how to spot an animus/anima projection; drawbacks and opportunities from projection; the other on the psychological level compared with the other in paranormal and magickal experience; the paranormal other as that which sees us and makes of us a false appearance; the story of a bizarre coincidence; the sense of the other in this experience; the sudden shift from the psychological to the paranormal other; how this applies to other types of paranormal and magickal experiences; an example in a magickal context; the curious problem presented by cases of high strangeness/weirdness; the approach often taken by investigators of these; the reappearance of false appearance; the seeking for “the other of the other”; examples from John Keel and the Skinwalker Ranch case; how the other of the other leads to just more of the self; an example from the movie The Mothman Prophecies; the trap of seeking the other of the other; the possibility of an alternative; personal examples of attempting to summon aliens and high strangeness; the tricksterish quality of the results; the paradox of a non-existent, empty, yet palpable other; this other as characteristic of the spiritual domain; the simultaneous disappearance of the self; the ongoing tendency to seek the other of the other; the return to the psychological realm in the event of this; the end of the podcast; how these reflections on the other might offer a coda to the series as a whole.

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