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Understanding the difference between narrative and reality is becoming more important by the moment. Case in point, that plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan last year was held up as proof that anti-government extremism is our biggest threat. As Glenn Greenwald explains, the idea of kidnapping the governor came from the FBI, not the people it was trying to entice into joining the plot.

As much as we get caught up in political labels, the real dynamic behind most of our societal conflict comes down to the collective vs. the individual. Lawrence W. Reed has a marvelous essay on what the worst totalitarian regimes have in common with one another.

The relaxing of prohibitions on marijuana has provided some of the best illustrations of how the free market is superior to state-run central planning. John Stossel has an excellent article on how some states nevertheless impose so many rules that they effectively end up creating their own drug cartels.

The Centers for Disease Control can't seem to make up their minds about masks. It's enough to make a thinking person wonder if they're manipulating the data to fit whatever their narrative requires at the moment. Jeffrey Tucker says the CDC exercises arbitrary power while it vandalizes the science to maintain its grasp on that power.

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