Food Processing Industry, Liquid Super Teams & the Cooperation Economy, Fitness Content Creation & Curtion for Teenagers


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Sahil (@sahil071) and Siddharth (@sidbetala) hang out and discuss various business ideas. Send us an email at
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(1:20) - Liquid teams and the Cooperation Economy
(5:20) - Food Processing Industry
(17:15) - Fitness Content Creation & Curation for Teenagers
(24:30) - Notion Apps
Business Ideas that were discussed:

  1. Liquid Super Teams and the Cooperation Economy - Read this essay on The Cooperation Economy by Not Boring - we never realised that The Indian Dream is actually a Liquid Super Team but this article really opened our eyes. In the future, people will not have to work full time at a job anymore - they can decide to work part time at various projects or businesses and thus have their expertise and their bets spread over various projects. At The Indian Dream, we have several intelligent people who are helping us build our project turn into something bigger than what it would be with just Siddharth and I.
    • Email us at if you want to join our Liquid Super Team.
  2. Food Processing Industry - This industry is already one of the largest in India with lots of potential for new businesses to be built. Huge opportunity in
    • harnessing the potential of processed fruits and vegetables in the form of frozen (IQF), canned, pulp, puree, paste, sauces, snacks, dressings, flakes, dices, dehydration, pickles, juices, slices, chips, jams, jelly, etc.
    • Processing levels of marine food in India are currently at 23%. Processing of fish into canned and frozen forms is carried out mostly for exports. Poultry is a highly vertically integrated industry in India but the current processing levels in poultry are 6%, while for meat it stands at 21%.
    • The packaged food segment has been reporting double digit growth in 2018 with edible oils and dairy products accounting for a major share. Packed dessert mixes and other premium packaged bakery goods (croissants, filled muffins, etc.).
    • Consumer preference trends show an increasing focus on nutritious food, and the convenience of long-term storage. eanwhile, naturally healthy beverages and Ayurveda-based juices continued to witness significant value growth in 2018. Organic packaged food witnessed a double-digit growth in retail volume and current value sales in 2018. Other food segments which are showing high growth include sauces, soups, noodles & pasta, Chocolate confectionary, specialized cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan), etc.
    • Export Potential: The food processing Industry in India is largely domestic oriented, with exports accounting for only 12 per cent of its total output. Nevertheless, it is a net foreign exchange earner with a positive trade balance in recent years.Agricultural Export Policy, 2018 has been formulated with a focused plan to boost India's agricultural exports to USD 60 billion.
    • Kombucha Dave:
  3. Fitness Content Creation & Curation for Teenagers - Fitness content aimed at Teenagers is doing a terrible job and someone needs to clean it up. Lots of opportunities in this space.
  4. Notion Apps - Notion just came out with its Public API. Lots of oppurtunities to build apps for Notion - Siddharth would love to collaborate with someone to build these apps. You can send him an email at

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