The Security Box, podcast 38: we've got Facebook in the spotlight, news, notes and more


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Welcome to the Security box, podcast 38. This week, we had planned to go back to DKIM and have a discussion on it, but we aren't going to do that. Why? It looks like news has gotten about Facebooks's 2019 breach and 535 million people whose information may now be out there on the free Internet as well as it already being sold to the dark web when the initial breach occurred. We'll have news, notes and more as well as your thoughts and comments to boot. Enjoy the program!

Topic: Has Facebook done it again?

Michael in Tennessee sent me an article from Phone Scoop, as well as me seeing the article we'll be taking from, which came from Cyberscoop. It looks like Facebook is really paying for a 2019 breach in which 500 plus million people's information including phone number were exposed somehow and later patched by Facebook.
The data, which comes from people from over 100 countries, includes users’ phone numbers, email addresses, full names, birthdates and location, among other identifiers, according to Insider, which first "reported the news."
The leak, was first reported by Motherboard, according to the article. The only thing that I'm unclear on is the section that talks about the fact that the leak was reported by Motherboard in January. The information was made available by paying a Telegram bot a couple of bucks for the details according to the article. According to the article, Facebook removed the ability of searching people by telephone number after the breach. Facebook will be probed by Ireland, and its unclear if the Unnited States will follow suit by the FTC. The article goes on on what the actors may do with the information now that the information has been made available for free. The website "have I been poned" has been updated by Mr. Troy Hunt with the information that was made available by the breach. For more information and to read the full article, 533 million Facebook users’ personal data leaked online is the article and do read this.

News Notes for podcast 38

  • Office 365 is no stranger to attack. A Phishlabs article talks about the latest threat. This time, actors can mimic websites by using Google's API through Google Ads that allow redirects to whatever they want. The issue with this one is that once you log in, they capture your credentials as well as sending you to your account. For complete information, Breaking Down the Latest O365 Phishing Techniques is the article, which will talk about this entire process.
  • Ubiquiti is back in the news. A post by Krebs on Security talks about the latest drama at the company who now has come out saying that there was a problem. After making a change that forced people to log in to their network, they were later told to reset their passwords because of a "third-party cloud provider" may have been breached. There's more including the very interesting fact that this company should have invalidated all credentials. Ubiquiti All But Confirms Breach Response Iniquity is the article. This is going to get very interesting now.
  • Finally, due to time constraints, I've got some good news I want to pass along. Another web boss now has been pleaded and this guy pleaded guilty. This boss was behind selling heroin, firearms and hacking tools. He pleaded guilty on charges of money laundering. Tal Prihar was captured by French authorities. Read Cyberscoop's article DeepDotWeb boss pleads guilty to laundering millions for more.
Thanks so much for listening!

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