#2 - Julien Klepatch [Software, Entrepreneurship]


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This episode is a conversation with my good friend Julien Klepatch. Julien is a French developer living in Taipei and currently working for an English blockchain startup called LendingBlock. Julien also has a YouTube channel and website called EatTheBlocks, which teaches blockchain development with a focus on Ethereum and the Ethereum programming language Solidity. Julien is also currently working on a learning course focusing on Blockchain for the well-known tech publisher Manning.

I met Julien though a friend a few years ago while I was living in Taipei. Ever since I first met Julien, I’ve always enjoyed talking deeply with him. It should be pretty clear from my description of Julien’s life and work that he’s an extremely entrepreneurial person and has no trouble learning new things or taking action in a new area. I really look up to these traits in Julien, and I always leave every one of our conversations with not only a huge amount of inspiration, but also many things that I can take action on immediately.

In this conversation with Julien we chat about podcasting setups, feature requests from customers of your online service, freedom of speech on Facebook and Julien’s crazy sleep cycles working with the UK from Asia Pacific.



  • 1:00 - Talking about the podcast setup in my home studio
  • 2:00 - Talking about Julien’s audio setup and microphone
  • 3:00 - What’s the difference between dynamic vs condenser microphones for different applications? + Boom arms and mic positioning.
  • 6:30 - How did I choose the name “Thought Club” for the podcast?
  • 9:00 - What’s the approval process for Apple iTunes podcasts? + Apple iTunes Podcast Connect login loop bug
  • 10:30 - Can you use S3 + CloudFront to host a podcast for iTunes, given that the certificate is not provided by an “approved” certificate provider?
  • 14:00 - What’s Indie Hackers all about? What’s the best time/activity to listen to a podcast?
  • 16:00 - What’s the difference between feature requests between paid and unpaid customers of a web application?
  • 18:00 - What’s Facebook doing to control communication between people?
  • 20:00 - What value does Facebook have moving forward? What happens post-Facebook?
  • 22:30 - What types of users are targeted by SaaS companies?
  • 24:00 - Can you sync your sleep cycles with a time zone significantly different to where you live?
  • 29:00 - How long can you handle working from home as a developer?
  • 30:00 - LendingBlock alpha release

Thanks for listening!


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