Surprised You're Bound To Get Bitten Eventually


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While in line this morning waiting to order my cup of Joe, this lady walks up and asks if I would buy her a cup of coffee. Without hesitation, I said, No! She was a little shocked and asked again, but she received the same response. While walking away, I could hear her mumble a few things. Did I feel bad? Not at all. For her, though, she was in shock that someone said no. However, it was bound to happen at some point. One thing I've learned over the years is that common sense is not very common. Here's a recent story about this: There was a pop star in Indonesia who used to go on stage with poisonous snakes and "wear" them while performing. Apparently she typically used pythons, but in this case, she was dressed in a Cobra, which she had thought was defanged. Well, as you probably expected the snake bit her onstage. Now, rather than doing the sensible thing and stopping to get proper medical attention… she continued and tried to finish the show, but 45 minutes later she collapsed and soon after died in hospital. I admire her dedication to finishing the show, but unfortunately, she lost her life to it. It's like they say… if you keep playing with fire, you'll get burnt eventually. In a lot of ways, this is the same mentality a lot of traders and investors seem to have when approaching the markets. Rather than playing the percentages and minimizing risk because they know all trades will not work, they continue to put significant sums of capital on a single trade… and expect to win consistently. There's no superheroes in trading either. Greed takes over as they try, pray and beg to make significant returns quickly. However, it's common sense (which again… is not common in the financial markets) that their luck will run out sooner rather than later. And because they've put ALL their eggs in the one basket… accounts can get cleaned out quickly. That is why you hear so many complain that you can't make a dime trading options. They just suck at it. However, my sizzler's learn to let the puck come to them with using the (M.E.P) Model and place a large number of strategically planned trades… which spreads the risk sensibly. It's one of the simplest secrets of becoming a savvy investor who's able to generate above average returns. However, take my advice with a grain of salt and question it. In fact, for a minimal investment, you can discover a ton of other golden nuggets listening to these other 12 private investors, detailing exactly how they are crushing it in today's market. After listening to all 12 of them, you'll hear the theme on why and how we've been able to create success and how you can start to as well. I guarantee it this will be an account changer for you. To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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