How to Become Aligned to Relieve Fear with Lori Garrity on The Healers Café with Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND


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In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks with Lori Garrity, Angel Fire Reiki Practitioner

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Lori Garrity

So, in all of my sessions that I do with people, it's basically just, I get them on the table, I call in my guides, I call in my team, I call in my higher self, the galactics, I call in God, Jesus, mother, Mary, the universe, the divine, you know, the galactics, I call them all in, and then their higher self. And then I basically clear their energy. I stage them and then I start my Reiki practice. So, when I'm giving Reiki, my hands, turn like a ball of fire, because the energy I'm allowing myself to become a vessel for the energy to flow through my hands for healing for my, my client. So, when that happens, it's pretty, it's powerful. Like it's overwhelming

Lori Garrity

So, I balance the chakras, and then do any kind of healing, you know, though, they touch me, so I can feel in a certain area where they need to have healing so in their knee, or, or low back, or, you know, in their abdomen area. I clear their ears, so they can hear the intuitive guidance. I opened the crown chakra so they can receive the divine guidance. The third eye, so that's the same thing so that you have the extra eyes to actually see beyond the veil. So, it's, it's quite amazing. Like, it's a very, it's very relaxing, and I know with my sessions, because the energy that comes in through me is pretty intense. So, most people will I knock them out.

Lori Garrity 08:40

Well, the best way, I would say the best way to regaining your composure of your power of yourself within your chakras is being aligned in alignment with, you know, being grounded. So, the best way to do that, I would say is through your breath. So, when you focus on your breath, and you do like a deep breath into the count of five, and then you blow it out to a count of 10. So, when you do that, at least three times, it brings your energy level from like here, back-to-back to center.

BIO: Lori Garrity

CEO, Angel Fire Reiki Practitioner

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