Ep 21 - Carnivore Diet With Dr Anthony Chaffee | Fruit Makes You Fat


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Avoid all fruit as it contains fructose.

Avoid all fruit as it contains fructose, a sugar that is absorbed by the body in large amounts and causes the liver to work overtime metabolizing it. As a result of this over-exertion, your liver becomes fatigued and cannot do its normal job of filtering out toxins. This leads to brain fatigue and poor cognitive function.

You might be thinking “fruit is healthy!” but you would be wrong if that fruit contains fructose. Fructose is an unhealthy sugar found in many fruits such as apples, peaches and even berries (think blueberries).

Fructose is metabolized like a toxin by the liver and triggers inflammation.

Fructose is metabolized differently than glucose, which can cause many problems. The liver breaks down fructose and converts it into triglycerides (a type of fat), and these fats are stored in the liver as fat. This can lead to fatty liver disease and inflammation.

Fructose also has a unique metabolic pathway that produces uric acid, which is associated with gout and other diseases

Fructose is a known cause of brain fatigue and poor cognitive function.

Fructose can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so it spikes blood sugar levels and insulin production more than glucose from starch. This causes a lot of damage to the liver, which converts fructose into fat that’s stored away in your body.

Fructose also causes brain fatigue and poor cognitive function by damaging our gut microbiome; though this may seem like it has nothing to do with vegetables, we are what we eat!

Dr Anthony Chaffee promotes eating only meat for health

There are many doctors who promote the carnivore diet, but none with as much clinical experience and knowledge of the brain as Dr Anthony Chaffee. He is a neurologist with over 20 years of experience in treating patients with neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dr Chaffee believes that humans are not designed to eat carbohydrates or any other foods besides meat. Not only is it good for your health, but it's also good for your waistline!

Eat animals only for optimum health.

Eating meat is not only good for your health, but it's also essential. Meat and fat fuel your brain, which has the highest energy requirements of any organ in the body. If you're not eating enough animal products, you're putting yourself at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease or heart disease.

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