Tommy Thompson ON: Tommy Thompson talks about the lessons he learned during his oldest daughter, Perrin's, 6.5 year battle with Cancer & His book "Space to Breathe Again".


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My friend Author, Coach, Christ Lover, Podcaster and Golf Fanatic, Tommy Thompson shares his life, faith, and family with us. He is devoted husband to Weezie his wife, who he has been married to for 40 years, and loving father. Tommy is very optimistic and inspiring to listen to. He doesn't shout with a voice of thunder to wake anyone up, rather his calm and humble tones and love for God is palpable. I honestly could have carried on a conversation with Tommy for a day, no problem. He gives us a message that in spite of the difficulties, in spite of circumstances, no matter what circumstances we are up against, we have the ability to choose how we respond. He says, "People often feel like they have to control their own circumstances and drive them to avoid any difficulty or darkness, but it's in the effort to control that we often lose ourselves". In the early days of his profession, Tommy and his brother partnered together to start and run multiple companies. He studied Seminary at Davidson University, Go Steph Curry! Where he found his passion in teaching and especially teaching people how to grow and create better lives, and marriages. Life seemed to be calmly passing by without too many tough trials, when the call came from Weezie. On March 4th 2010, His healthy young 20 year old daughter Perrin, a Junior in college, was experiencing back pain and after a visit to the doctor she was diagnosed with cancer. She had Kidney Cancer that had matasticized into her spine causing intense pain. She was very active, bright, and joyful and it just seemed that this kind of thing would never happen to someone like her. Tommy explains his life turned upside down, and questions to God of why is this happening when i’ve lived right and the way you’ve asked began to come, almost as if why would you allow this to happen to us. Tommy daughter battled the cancer for 6.5 years with determination and Grit, and although those 6.5 years were without question some of the hardest and darkest days of their lives, Tommy expresses that they were years full of incredible joy, and happiness as well. They were year’s of “Pain beyond description, and Joy beyond description at the same time”. Perin was a bright light during those years and she experienced as much or more joy in that short timeframe than many of us do during an entire lifetime. Inspired to write a book Space to Breathe again, Tommy talks about the inspiration that he felt from God in writing it. He says that it is most often faithful believers who struggle the most because we stretch ourselves so thin sometime in our efforts to serve God and others. At times, the faithful are the ones that need to slow down the most and take the time needed to stop, reflect, and listen. Tommy shares a lot of wisdom on busyness and making sure that we slow down to give ourselves and God space. He says, “my job is to have faith, once I do that I then trust that God will take care of the rest”. Living that way brings peace, joy, and comfort in our lives. At the foundation he lives by Grace. No matter how hard he pushed and tries he falls, and he often falls hard. He expresses gratitude for Gods limitless grace for him and literally survived the pain of losing Perrin because of that Grace. Tommy talks about all of the people who followed Perrin through her Cancer journey, and still to this day years later, people reach out and share stories with him about how she inspired them. Perrin lived with Joy, even during times of extreme pain, and she always gave God glory, never blaming God for what she was expieriencing. She never denied or lost trust in Him, and neither did Perrin's dad, Tommy. More determined than ever to help people view life much like his daughter, with joy, hope, and happiness. Tommy has set out on a ministry to heal broken hearts, and help people find the joy in letting go of the speed and craziness of the world so that they can slow down and feel God through his peace and stillness. I encourage you to listen to Tommy's podcast, he is a remarkable man that I feel very blessed to have met. Tommy you are awesome my friend. Sure love you brother, let's connect again soon. Podcast: Space to Breathe Again, can be found on any podcast platform i.e. Apple, Spotify, or his website Personal website: Instagram Handle: author_tommythompson His book, "Space to Breathe Again" can be found on Amazon Please feel free to reach out to Tommy. He would love to hear from you.

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