Becky Davidson ON: The creator of Lotimus, Becky shares her journey of self discovery through a combination of Meditation through Stories. Becky's work is impactful for all ages. Don't miss this!


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Becky Davidson, is an incredible woman! Her work is groundbreaking and she is doing things that will change the way we think about education, and how to practice and teach emotional management and work through being uncomfortable. Becky Davidson, Teacher, Coach, Friend, and incredibly wise and creative human, comes from a wonderful family of storytellers. From an early age she began to learn why people she loved would turn to drinking and smoking often in their lives. When we don't want to face certain uncomfortable emotions that come, we tend to use substances enabling us to forget or escape. Becky lost a younger brother to alcoholism, and a mother to lung cancer due to smoking, Her father is also an alcoholic and it has been hard for Becky to see those she loves suffer as they have turned to these options. On her way home from teaching a college class at Utah Valley University, Becky recognized that she didn’t “bring it” to the class today, and as a result she let her students down. Becky started to get curious about why she was feeling the way she did, it was uncomfortable. As she dove into what her feelings meant, she recognized that she wasn’t giving her self grace which is something she has always tried to give to others. She learned that the inner voice, we often give space to, is very loud in our lives and got curious to learn more about it. That said, She began to give her self permission to be a “Learner” when the uncomfortable feelings showed themselves, so she could learn from them in an effort to understand them. Becky talks about some of the trait’s we pass onto/receive from family members. She saw that members of her family would become very disappointed and down on themselves and she began to recognize that she was doing the same thing. As a determined learner, she committed to “sit” with her uncomfortable inner critic, she began meditating (sitting) and as a literary researcher she found some amazing people who were guides of meditation and she began feasting on their practices. This is where she truly began “sitting”. Early on she discovered that the uncomfortable feelings we feel such as pain, anxiety, fear, move through us. Emotions do not come to sit inside of us and stay forever, they truly move through us. She said “When we become comfortable in our own minds, if we are willing to sit, we learn that we are optimized and we have the power and ability to allow these feelings to move through us and learn from them”. Becky teaches that “often times we contract around the feelings we don’t want to feel, and when we do this we in a way choose to keep that feeling we don't want within us. Uncomfortable feelings will move through us if we allow them, and when they do we open ourselves to enlightenment on the other side of those feelings, which enables us to discover other feelings that exist within us that we are also holding on to." "As soon as you sit and get quite, whatever needs your attention comes to the surface. The more you sit the better you get at identifying the feelings and what is causing them." In her research she learned that naming the emotions or “demons” is a good idea, and while you sit and the "demons" surface, we can talk to them by name. Doing this allows us to have a friendship with those emotions so we can learn from them and understand why those feelings come. “We can’t always choose the thoughts that pop into our head, but we can consciously choose the memories that we want to embrace and carry with us. After learning to “sit” herself Becky was equipped to respond to her son and daughter at times they were in need. Her children were dealing with some anxiety and fear, and Becky worked individually with them, teaching them to “sit” and feel their own emotions. To help active kids learn to “sit” she followed an impression she received to tell a story while they practiced meditating. The stories she shares involve “journeyer avatars” who have an adventure ahead of them, filled with obstacles, puzzles, strategic workarounds, world building, etc… Her children, the practicing meditators, took part in claiming a bit of transformative wisdom, and Becky saw the deep impact as her daughter melted into her arms and released many pent up emotions. This is where Becky, with the encouragement of family and friends, developed Lotimus. Becky describes Lotimus as an opportunity where, “Body goes still, mind goes on a Journey”. She describes Lotimus, saying "Yes, your body will be still but I’m going to launch your mind into a world with a narrative provided, inviting the listener to allow their imagination to soar. This is a Journeying practice in first person that you are the hero of." Lotimus gives the listener an opportunity to discover who they are, and to unlock their imagination and creativity. It maybe uncomfortable at first, but on the other side of our willingness to sit in uncomfortable feelings, we will experience Knowledge, and self discovery which empower you to uncover who you are and what you are capable of. "This is an opportunity to discover peace, ease of “being”, even bliss, if you are willing to pay the price and “sit”." If you are interested in how to Meditate or in “Sitting” as Becky, and now Michael, call it. Becky highly recommends the book written by Jack Cornfield called “A Path With Heart”. Website Address: is where you can find the Journey’s created by Becky and her incredible team. If you choose to enroll, you will receive two FREE batches of complete journey’s, which include three exercises, and beautiful music. Becky has also generously offered my listeners a discounted price when you enroll to the full Lotimus experience. To take advantage of this discount, enter "DELIGHT" into the Coupon Code space. I have listened to some of the stories, and love the what I have experienced. This concept is ground breaking and so needed in our day. School classrooms give us the tools needed to get a career and work, but they miss the mark when it comes to emotional health and education, which has a huge impact on Mental, Spiritual, Social, and Physical Health. My family now "Sits" in these stories when we are putting the kids to bed, and it has been a huge hit! Best part... The kids actually LISTEN!! LOL! Becky would love if you would check out Lotimus and reach out to her with feed back. Please check out Lotimus, and let Becky know your thoughts by sending her an email to, . She is extremely grateful in advance for any of you that will do so. Becky, my friend, you are incredible. I learned so much from you and cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to meet you, talk to you, and partake of your genuine goodness and wisdom. You have a passion for education and creativity, coupled with a sincere love of Humanity, so it makes complete sense that God has inspired you with such a impactful mission. Your work will educate, heal, and lift many. You are brilliant! I can't wait to talk to you again soon!

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