Taryn Arnold – S1E15 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate


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Taryn Arnold – S1E15 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate

On this episode, Rob’s special guest is Taryn Arnold from Patreon.

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00:00:00 In this episode of new media lab is brought to you by tweaked audio to get awesome headphones. Go to tweet dot co dot com and use the coupon code Southgate to get thirty percent off free shipping and a lifetime warranty or you can get there through the link on our website Southgate media group dot com. Welcome. Once again to the new media lab, I'm your host, rob Southgate. Today's special guest is tearing Arnold from patriot. I guess all sorts of questions about best practices. What works. What doesn't and get some really fun insights from her to about patriot. And what people do the works. I hope you enjoyed this much as I did Tarrant. It's all yours. Terron? Thank you so much for joining me in the new media lab, I'm Sor excited here. I'm so stoked. Thank you for having me. No, do you do a lot of these types of interviews. You know, I just ran into a co worker in the hallway. And I was like I'm on another podcast today. It's it's becoming a thing. I think this is probably like my sixth or seventh. But in the last like maybe like ten th but in the last week it's been like a lot. I've maybe done like four or something. Yeah. But it's fun. I like it. I mean, there's nothing better to do than talk about things. He loves so. Yeah, I I agree. I sabotage my whole life to do that.

00:01:36 Beautiful sabotage. Yes. Yes. So, you know, the reason it might be the reason you're getting somebody requests, I got an Email from you. And it said that you're kind of the patriot outreach person. And I went finally somebody. Yeah. Well, we just we're realizing that a lot more people wanna talk about this and want to talk about patriot. An I am all ears. I would clear my day to do this kind of stuff. It's so fun for me. So I'm happy that you that you reached out show all right here in let's let's set this up your your from patriotic. And you're kind of the liaison between the creators. In patriot kind of answer questions and stuff, right? Yeah. Yes. I'm kind of the I'm in charge of Brandon content here. But what that's becoming is. If anybody wants to tweet me if anyone wants to interview me Vinnie wants to call me. I am all ears to answer questions. I love talking about it. It's in easy thing for me to do. I've been here for a little bit over a year. I think I was like the twentieth employees or something. So I've just been around for a bit. And and yeah, I I love to dish any information. The limited knowledge that I have on it. I love to try to share. Right now, I want you to throw out your Twitter and any way that they can reach you. We'll do it again at the end and put it in the show notes but throw it out there right now.

00:03:00 So anyone listening to it's like, you don't really just need to ask a question right now tweet to to tear in what is it is twin I love that. I screwed that up. I wish it was two. Aaron my Twitter can you reach on Twitter at the Taryn Arnold, which is the T A R Y N and then Arnold. And then I do this for for podcasts. I trust that. You're a if you're going to Email me your great person. Please be nice don't yell at me for anything. I've said my Email is Taryn at patriarch dot com, which says T A R Y N. Yeah. And that's something that we phoned. You know, I've been interviewing different people from different, you know, resources for content creators, and it truly is something that I've found is most people just want to answer questions and be cool. And you know, if you've got some kind of. Negative that you wanna throw out there. You know, please. Remember these human beings. You know, you know, I don't get a lot of like, hey, or any I don't get a ton of issues on month thing that I do see a lot of when I give out my Twitter handle, or my Email is people will Email with product requests or things that they wish they could see different which I'm more than happy to respond to. But we do have a at patriots support Twitter handle, and they are full-time dedicated waiting to answer those questions. So to get a more immediate and thorough response. That's definitely the way to go.

00:04:25 Oh, excellent. That's good advice. Yeah. I had a purview from clamor on. And he's very hands on he's one of the creators of it. And he was almost the opposite. It was like contact me. You know, this is you got a problem. Tell me it's funny because there were couple of things that he and I talked about off the show that I'm seeing clamor actually right away said it's a good idea. And I'm starting to see some of that stuff happened. So people really do listen. I know patriot. Is that same way? So. Yep. I'm that. That is good news to hear. I love that. So okay. Let's talk about what patriot can do know. This what we do on the show is we talked to content creators, anybody that's involved in new media. And and it's a pretty broad cut. I mean, I get emails from people that are artists like people from or emails from people that are podcasters bloggers YouTube creators, I know, a guy who runs a coffee shop that writes me because he gets a lot of information from this. So any of these people are game for patriotic. Right. Anybody? Yes. I before I worked here. I thought you know. Okay. So there's there's major categories of people that are on patriotic. There's know podcasters YouTubers comics painters. But now that I worked here long enough. There are everything you can possibly imagine. Is here on patriotic. And that's like a really special and cool thing to be able to say, but yes, if you run a coffee shop, you are more than welcome to join patriotic. If you run a cat adoption place you can join patriot. I say that because they are on patriots.

00:06:09 That isn't. Yes, there are things like that. So yeah, anyone is game. So one of the things when I first started using patriot. We're we're gonna go back on this a little bit. So you kind of get a history we have I think three patriot accounts set up. I'm going to ask you about that a little bit. But before I do that. When I first started one of the things, I did was I looked up podcast. I wouldn't've into search. I typed in podcasts. I didn't find a lot. And what I found. I wasn't really like digging. What they were doing. Now what I look I see a lot more people on there. I do see some some other things one of my questions. Right. There is. Is there anybody who's doing podcasts will start there that you say? Yeah. You know, what they really got it? Right. They're doing a great job on patriots. Somebody that you might want people to look at. That is a great question. There are I mean, there are tons of people that are just crushing it specifically in podcasting. I think it works really well with the model, and what patriotic does I think it's just like a really natural connection for people because you know, podcasters are always pushing content. It's pretty regular. They have a pretty set schedule of the way they release things, and you know, podcast fans are fans like those are people that like you. They like what you make. They listen they stick around until it works really well with patriarch, but people that I think are doing early.

00:07:37 Well, let's see and there I mean, I'm just gonna namedrop for a second storage. Star Trek radio is is on here, which is Neil degrasse Tyson, which is really crazy that he's on patriotic. But but they do it. Well, there's also Tom Merritt. Who does the daily tech news show is on patriotic right now, he has I'm pulling it up right now. He gets fifteen thousand. Dollars per month. He has almost five thousand patrons. And and I mean, he just is the he's such a great example of keep doing just keep making. That's like one of our biggest tips for people. Like, how do I do patriotic wants the best way to do? Art twins the best way to get fans. What's the best way? In a lot of it is, you know, just don't stop making things and any people get so hung up on the thing that they're making in like the one bit like, oh, I'm really putting all my soul into this one podcast. And then I send it out. And oh, it didn't get the reaction that I wanted. I'm just gonna sit here and cry for a little bit like there's no time for that. In this world. Like, everyone is make this no time for that. Like every by the the time, you spend crying. They're spend thirty more podcasts in your avenue that have just released. So it's like you just make the next thing and hope that it's better or find small tweaks to make anyway, it when you land on the daily tech new show on there.

00:09:01 Patient page, which is just patriot on dot com slash DT. NS? His first line is Tom Merritt has done more than two thousand episodes of the daily tech new show your dislike. Wow, this guy just keeps on rocking, and you can see with his rewards and his milestones. It is goals in all these things. He just he does a really awesome job with patriotic end. Yeah. He he's he's a great example. No, you don't. It's great. I'm glad you brought this up 'cause I pulled it up, and he is rocking it crush. And this is this is a single show. This daily tech news is a single show. Now, I always have this. Position. That's a little bit different because my wife, and I own a network we have eighty seven shows, and and it puts us in a weird position. When I look at patriot. And I think this is why I've struggled with it. He's making fifteen thousand we're making two dollars a month right now. Oh, my heart. Yeah. And and it trust me it hurts because this is all we do. Yeah. No. What's kim? I'll tell you a question. What is how how how do you make your two dollars? I wanna make you mean, not patriotic. Okay. Got it. Yes. Got it. So I thought for a second there. I thought you were saying in general, you're making two dollars, which it wouldn't be that crazy because that's what happens with YouTube. And you know, the the way that they value a view on YouTube is just like the worst thing ever. But okay, good. So just two dollars on patriots. Not that. That's good. No, it's terrible. But but actually, I'll address it a second. We're going to actually go to mind, and we're going to look at it. But I wanted to say about daily tech news is this is something that was I two thoughts. Here's let's get them. Both out at once really confused people first of all undiluted techniques.

00:10:51 When I look at it. And I'm looking at the rewards. This is critical because when I was first looking at it when I told you I was trying to find podcast that did it. The the rewards were ridiculous. And a lot of things I thought were like pledges up to, you know, ten thousand dollars if you do this our pockets, and I'm thinking who's doing that? And what a waste of time. And I even did it because I thought this is what you do. I'm looking at his he's got one dollar five dollar ten dollar and twenty dollar. That is tight. I could totally see people doing the twenty dollar. I totally see the one the five to ten in. It makes a lot of sense. It just felt like I wasn't finding an example that worked, and we'll get to mind, and and we'll see that. Now, the other thought I had and this is where I've had a stumbling block. So we have we have a lot of podcast that we're friends with in. They have a single show, right? Or maybe they have two or three shows for them whenever they've talked me about it. I say make a patriot. If you have three shows make make. Three different patriot accounts one for each show and kind of do your own thing when we have eighty seven shows I've wrestled with how do I manage eighty seven patriot accounts? I set up the re and got nowhere. I got to two dollars on the main south gate media group one I set it up. I'm not sure if my rewards are right. I'm not sure if I'm getting the news out there the right way for Nuff said, which is our shield show. The only time we had success in there. We got up to I think eight dollars a month was because at the like two dollar level. You got a free full-on show that was patron only number one we loved that. And the people that got it were so responsive in loved it so much, but when you're only getting, you know, eight bucks, and and you're like, wow, we're already doing eighty seven shows eight dollars to do an extra show.

00:13:00 It was not that really attractive keep going up not the way to do it. Yeah. So what would you suggest we're gonna we're going to go back to that? After everybody's looked at daily tech news and gotten these great ideas. What would you suggest if you're a network versus a single show is it good to have something for each show is a good for something to have for. Maybe your top twenty shows is a good to have that. Plus have a Maine network show patriot. Plus on top of that, we now have YouTube and blogging and everything else. Those things I know I know it crushes. I I hear you, and I do unto dollars a month. It's so much to do unto. It's just not even I'm sorry for that. That does not sound helpful when we're doing it's going to change all that. Isn't it? Let's hope. Oh, God the pressure pressure. Yeah. Okay. So two things first thing I would say in response to your thought about rewards. We actually have data that says that high earning creators tend to have more than two reward level. So a lot of creators think that just keeping it really simple like, oh, one reward or to rewards or something like that is a better thing to do. But we're finding that having options, and I have a graph in front of me that's showing like number of words rewards from one to six and the graph keeps going, but as it goes from from one to six the the graph just goes exponentially higher than the extra award that you have which is interesting. So yeah. Like, the likelihood of processing at least one hundred dollars in your first month is at like twelve percent if you have one to two rewards than it skips to like fourteen percent if you have three and then it six you're at if you have six.

00:14:52 Horri- it's out like twenty two percent or something like that. So it almost double. I mean, it really really makes a change the more rewards that you have. And I I would assume that the thought behind that is just that when people see options, and they see other things that they can contribute to they're more likely to dish out a little bit a little bit extra than what they were planning. So if there's only like a one in three level rewards here in that, I saw a five level a five dollar reward here that I was like, oh, you know, I could do that. I kind of want that. But then you see the ten dollar one in. You're like, whoa, man. I don't wanna miss out on that. And then, you know, it's like the I think that thinking is probably what ends up happening to people. So that's just on your first point. I think that's interesting to know. Because I think if I was starting a patriot page, which I might soon who knows I would think to have smaller smaller level of rewards and just hope that that works. Well, but the data actually shows that the more level of awards the more numbers of rewards that you have the higher the higher chance that you have of processing funny. Yeah. So very interesting. His he has four levels on there. And that seems like a pretty good amount. And I could see I could see his stops at twenty. I could even see putting a hundred dollar one on there. Just just in case. But anything above that? I mean, then it's really the only people doing it are your parents right at. I mean, I would hope not. But I would assume so.

00:16:26 And I mean in another just thing to think about when fulfilling when creating your rewards is you you're already making podcasts. You've got your extras that you're making you've got all the editing. All calling all the interviewing everything that you do in the rewards that you offer shouldn't really be extra work for you. There should really be letting people in on the things that you're already doing. So if you see again daily took new show is a great example of this his rewards are extra things that he has to work and do they're like, oh, you're a co executive producer of the show. So he, you know, put your name on his show are on his like a podcast or something like that. Even supply you with a template to make your own business cards like that's just an Email. That's an easy thing to send to him. And then, you know, the second thing or his twenty dollar award as like a in Skype number. So that you don't just read it, and I love. That it's the it's the coolest, and so, you know, that's not extra work for Tom to do. That's just Tom doing what Tom does. And and he's letting people in on the process other than people, or I guess why enjoy this better is that if I say, my twenty dollar reward is is send you a t-shirt. It turns out it's probably going to cost me more money and time to send you a t shirt than it is to even have you pledge dot dot dot, roared amounts. So that's where I was that was one of my sticking point. So I think a lot of people will see that in understand then that you know, you gotta spend money to make money. But maybe you don't have to do it at that level. Maybe two hundred dollars worth sending.

00:18:07 Yeah. One hundred bucks, you say, hey, I'll give you all of these things and a t shirt, and it's like, you know, what if someone is pledging to me a hundred dollars per month that's a chunk of change for someone to just like my podcast. I will send them sure I'll show up at your house. You know? I will send you myself and hug you twenty one on ours. Where I think it was at the five hundred dollar level where like you have the power to fire us take the show. Yes. You know as long as you pay it. It's all yours. You know, totally. I have a what am I friends? Allies fact, Nola is on patriot. And her I'm gonna find it right now because it's so epic. She has a two hundred and fifty dollar per video reward tier that is called friends IRL in real life. And it says come to Los Angeles. And we'll hang out bring a friend or your mom or your dog or something we can get coffee drinks, whatever you obviously are responsible for to get your butt out here. But I will, you know, by by your first drink, and she I saw pictures she there's one patron that is doing this. And he went out and hung out with her in L A, and she was like live snap. Chatting the whole thing. It was like I with my patriot. This. Is so crazy awesome.

00:19:26 Yeah. So anyway, long way around to just tell you that. Your awards shouldn't be a hassle for you. These are people people don't want you doing extra work they want you crushing what you're doing and letting them in. So they can see like the behind the scenes of what you're doing. I think those are the rewards that really really captivate people and get them to pledge and give them the most rewarding. I guess feeling. No, let's go back to the question. I had the the big one for network people. And this is also goes for I mean, I'm talking podcast, but YouTubers bloggers anybody runs into this. So do you suggest having one for each show or do you suggest doing it? Like one overarching the overarching when seems like or I think I think both. But I'm not sure how to do both. What do you think? I was gonna ask. What are what are your different shows? Like, can you give me a handful of different things that you're doing under the same umbrella? Yeah. I'll give you a good cross section. So we do a lot of TV base stuff. So one of our shows one that we set up a patriot account for already is enough said podcast and that one deals with agents of shield and marvel. Okay. So that was the one we had a little tiny sliver of success with. We also have I did one for ever after which is a once upon a time podcast. I was planning on doing one for this show for new media lab because this gets so much attention and a lot of people respond on this one. I thought you know, what it would probably be a good idea to have a patriot for this. We have some that we have a lot of geek Centric. But then we have things like we have a serialized audio book. That's just wrapping up and we're about to start another one. We have one about Pinterest, which is more of a social media focused business one. I we've got a lot of subjects if there's a subject that you're interested in we probably have a show about in some way now with the YouTube channel, we have one channel. And then I use Canada.

00:21:30 Stories there. So are Walking Dead show. I take those shows I turn them into YouTube shows, we're starting to put a ridge it'll content there, but that takes time and money. So right now, I'm using are already recorded podcast. Just like you were saying you something you already have an adding to it. Now. One of our our guys Jack from the Nuff said podcast. He's one of my guys. He's like my closest friend. Jack suggested the other day that when we record enough said at the very end we record for five or ten minutes of video thing. And he goes we can put it on patriot. We can use it for whatever. But it's something unique. It's not taking any time that we're not really doing. It's just us behind the scenes talking smack like we do. I mean, we we probably spent a half smack to each other every show. That to me sounds like something like when he said, I thought it might be a good reward or it might be good YouTube fodder. So that gives you an idea. Yeah. Definitely. So. Only live shows too. We do live shows when we produced so many different things in it live event that alone could have ten patriots attached to it. And rob you keep yourself busy. What in the world is ridiculous? Just starting a masters program. I go to next orientation get us. Cheers. Good luck to her. So here's what I would say. I would say I generally tell people if they're fans fall in the same vein. If you think that a majority of your fans, listen to all of your things, I I would put it all on one page. I would just say, hey, we this is this is our umbrella page you help do all of these different things. Thank you so much help keep us alive. If your fans are are pretty split. And you think like, hey, I'm a huge fan of enough said podcast, not a big fan of one of the other ones on then I I would think that instead of setting up, you know, eighty seven different patriot pages I would recommend setting up a page, maybe for one or two of the podcasts that you have that have the most engaged listeners, the most I guess promise in your eyes for a patriotic page, and suburbs like pudding.

00:23:53 All your energy into those two things. I would even recommend just doing one and seeing what works what doesn't, but it actually might be kind of fun to split test due to and see what kind of different will words people respond to or how much energy it takes to push one on social media versus the other. And how that turns into patronage and from that I would build other pages based on the response of the two separate ones that you do have. I just think if it's going to split your audience, and you think that someone's like, oh, I wanted to be a patron, but not of this thing. But definitely of this thing that I would recommend doing different pages. But I wouldn't launch them all at the same time. I would start with with maybe two max and play and play from there that we've already done that. So it'd be good if we could tweak what we've got going with those two. Yes. Building on that. Okay. That that's a great answer. Now, you mentioned in their social media. How do people let other people know they have a patron how? Do they get that out there because I'll mention it at the end of the show will mention it here. And there the way we got enough said things as we put a little thing at the end. And we we put it on our YouTube thing at the very end we put a patriot log onto police support us on patriot. What we'll do what what do you suggest man? There are so many things to do. So the biggest I mean, here's here's by thing. Sometimes I tweet something out something, I think is funny. And I'd like, you know, this is going to get some love. This is a funny tweet great job Taryn. And then people don't see it. There are a billion tweets in like a second. I mean does do.

00:25:33 Vacuous. It's like it's like I can't even find my own tweet after I refresh the page. I'm like where the hell did that go? So like, I think when you think about that. And when you realize like man, I feel like I might be annoying my fans 'cause I tweeted out four times in the last week about my patriarch page. They probably didn't see it like odds are they like haven't seen it. They don't know what you're doing. I I would start with pre launch of a page you get people excited about it. We just had a huge launch by this group called easy allies. If you go to patriarch dot com slash I think it's just slash easy allies on they are just rocking. Like, it's not even I'm pulling it upright cow thirty thousand a month. It's it's something. So there thirty seven thousand dollars a month. These guys had a following. And they're show. I don't wanna bunch of this. But I wanna say like their show was was shut down. Elsewhere. They couldn't keep doing it where they were doing it. They thought they were gonna quit. Oh, no all their fans are like, whoa. I am a fan of you. I want you to keep going. So they start before they launched their patron page. They say, hey, we have a special announcement on this date, and they start every guy in the group is tweeting like this ominous eerie date, that's like a week in the future or something. And everyone's like, okay. What's that in?

00:26:58 So everyone's like, then they start tweeting get excited this date. You know, those heads of things in really just drumming up the intimidation. And then when they launch obviously, the date was for the launch of their patron page when they launched. They did a a wanna say it was like a eleven to twelve hour livestream that they stayed live. And they were like, hey, join us on this livestream. Today's a huge day for us. Come chat. They were totally there with their fans they were on social media throughout the entire day. They're tweeting their Facebook gang. They're doing everything they can to keep people engaged and stoked and to remind them that they're launching like they made an event out of it. And I think that that's like that's the thing to do. I'm imagining if I had a handful, you know, if I had a bunch of fans, and I'm and I'm starting a patriarch page. I don't know that that many people are going to sit and watch me do a livestream. But I'll do it. I want people to know that. I'm like, I'm doing something social media at least during the launch phase is just constant reminders and almost being like a little annoying. Like, I'm kind of a fan of just like telling people more than you should then obviously. Once you're already launched you add any type of like in your podcast, you add multiple times that you're like, hey, this is supported by patriarch. If you wanna check this out, whatever or on videos, we have a creator and somebody who's actually become a friend of mine seems Peter Hollins he's on patriotism cappella videos. He talks a lot about every time that he finishes a video no matter how big it is. Or if there's like five million views whenever he has a thirty second to one minute thing at the end, where he's you know, the costume is over he's just in his regular clothes. He's a normal guy again. And he's looking straight into the camera, and he's just thanking people for supporting him patriarch telling people about.

00:28:52 Outs possible and pushing people to his patron page in like that just moment of him being so real like, you're like, wow. Wow. I trust this guy. I'm I wanna listen to this guy. I want to check out his feature on page. I don't even know what patriot is. But I'm gonna go check it out. It's any time that you can do a real reminder to to your fans in a real Bank you and just like full transparency. Like, hey, this is how this works. I think is a great way to plug it and to talk about it. Nope. This brings up another question. Yeah. I noticed from looking at some of these some people are are of the mindset that you have to have this promo video over people are like, you know, what it doesn't really matter as long as you've got your your logo in that. There has been any studies that say definitely have a video, and what are your thoughts on that? Like, I I was starting to do one. And I had so many people jumping into no, no, no, it's gotta be, you know, like super professional, and you've got to hire people in going that seems what you were saying way outside of. What I wanna do? What are you on the video part of it? Is it necessary? I personally think it's necessary. Like, that's my favorite part of getting to people's patriarch pages is when you land on their page, and you see their video and you're like, oh, cool. I can't wait to see what they have to say. And what they're doing. Because a lot of people just honestly don't wanna read like unless you're a writer people don't wanna read like a big chunk about your story. And and the I feel like it's just easier to connect with people when you are looking at them, and you can see what they're doing and thinking, so I think it's necessary. I don't know if we have stats on what a video does. I can probably get those for you. But I I mean, I don't know why it would be a bad idea unless it's like a really bad video like unless you're using like a old flip phone to record it in. It's like.

00:30:48 Since to me to have the video. What did make sense is the amount of pressure to make it like this completely produced and I'm like. That's not how we roll here. You know, but we also come from the world of Zien ze. And you know, like guerrilla marketing, that's what this whole company was based on. So I I have a hard time with that. If you're not just jumping inside no pay to have a fully produced video that I'm in a I'm going to go along the lines of do something that shows your passion and get your message across but don't let don't let those professional moments hinder. You make sense at totally when I mean, if you like if you are of okay, here's the difference. If you were a video creator and you made these ethically beautiful four K videos, and you'd better have that in video, right? If you come out like this video, I'm going to be like man, you could do better than that. I know that, but, but if you're a podcast her, then the best thing that I can imagine you doing is a video. Oh of you sitting in front of your microphone saying, hey, this is my studio. This is where I do it. I do this is my computer, this, my whatever bringing people into what you're doing. And then being like. I don't I mean, I don't know if you're on video often. But like, I just think unless it's like pretty bad it, then I would love video. I would love to see what like my favorite podcast looks like again on daily tech new show. If you go back to his page. I haven't pushed play because I don't know how it's going to be if I do, but the freeze frame of his picture or of his video on his page is him sitting in front of his microphone in his studio. It's not like some wildly his suit jacket on. But who knows he might not have pants on? You don't know they saying is he's a podcast re probably doesn't when you look at this picture, though. It also reeks to me of he's not a video guy. It's not lit.

00:32:49 Exactly, right. It's it looks like he made this thing that he's talking to the fence. I really like that I do too. I wanna see what you guys look like when you're just like sitting there. That's what I care about. I don't need you to hire. Like a crew to come in folly around and give me this like false, look at your life. You know? Yeah. All right. We don't have much more time. I am gonna want you on this show. Again. I have a feeling we have so much more to talk about. But before we do that. I want you to go to our let's go to the Nuff said page. Okay. And that's patriot dot com is just slash enough. Said it probably enough said podcast. See I don't even know because I don't use it that much. Change its way. I add you on tearing Iran enough said podcast got I see. Okay. So right there you can see we've got a promote an animated promo that we did. It's pretty basic stuff. And I've got the rewards laid out on the side there. You know, I can tell right now that I'd like to change the logo up at the top. What do you think of this though? Me see here. Video is not one promoting the patriot page. So now that I see it. I'm already thinking I would like to do something promoting the page. But I would also do something creative with it. But if if you look this over what what does that do for you? What is is it like, wow, rob your this is a train wreck? Or you've got the beginnings. Make some changes. I don't think it's a train wreck at all. This is this is a very basic shell of what a patriot page looks like.

00:34:29 And I think this is like pretty spot on what I would do is maybe under creator post like maybe add a few posts some like free posts that people can see. So that when they land on your page, they go, oh, this is like the type of thing that I I would be getting if I was a patron. That's like one thing I would change just because right now, it's like a little bear. At once you scroll down after the video and the explanation then off the top of my head. Let me see if there's anything else I would add a reward in between one and twenty five maybe a few. But since you don't have patrons right now. I would give people more of an option at the lower tier then larger things because if I came here in island saw that you didn't have any patriots in the nice all one dollar reward and a twenty five dollar word. I'd be like I think they're kind of dreaming right now. Like, I wish I could I wanna give more than a dollar. But I'd not ready to give twenty five. What if I could give two four five? Five that goes back to what I was saying before I definitely fees were out of wack law. Now, here's an interesting thing. You said it doesn't have the creator posts. And maybe I did this wrong. If you go in I do have those daredevil shows, we did for the patriotic only does that mean that that doesn't show up because I know you could set it that way those patriot post then is that correct?

00:35:53 Yeah. So the patron. Okay. So what happens is under crater posts? The only thing that I can see if I'm not a patron yet is whatever you've made as a public post some not a patron only post. Okay. So why it's good to have patron or widespread to have public posts. There is because right now, it looks like you haven't posted anything which you have. It's just that you've made them patron only. But I can't see that. And that's something that we're working on our side because it would be nice to know that there are things that were patriot only. But for now, I can't see that you've made patron only post. So I feel like I'd be pledging to something that I might not even be, you know, are they active on this page. Do they do anything? So I would add a few people aren't pledging in order for you to make podcasts or pledging. So you can keep doing what you're doing. So I, you know, they're free. Anyway, you might as well add two or three of your last episodes in show people like what the posts look like what they haven't side. Also, when you go to patron posts that will be once I am a patron. I can comment on your page. That's without like a Facebook wall Chiyoda. So that that's what would you suggest like with with enough said we have our podcast report every week. But then we also have some video things here in there, would you suggest plugging in maybe maybe having to podcasts than one video. Or should.

00:37:16 I keep him at separate. Just do the podcast. What do you think? Interesting. Sensor per month. You're not really bugging people. If you were to, you know, post a few like if you were perk creation, and then you were put like making a lot of paid posts of a lot of different things. I'd be like, oh, man. I was not prepared to be paying this much money, but as a per month, I don't think it hurts to be, you know, get putting all the stuff that you have on your already at how much should you put on because like Nuff said itself there are three to four shows every week on this feed. There are we we're probably at two hundred and fifty three hundred posts plus than we have video, and we have blogs attached to it. Well, would you say put maybe ten podcasts on or would you say take the time start putting them all on their in fill? This thing up. What do you think? I would maybe fill it with your last month's worth of stuff. Okay. Or maybe you know, maybe the last. Since you guys post so much it actually might not you might not need to you could just post maybe the last week. It sounds like you'd have at least like five things to post or something like that over the lecture. Yeah. So starting there isn't the worst idea and just so people have an idea of what they'd be getting, you know, if they're fans they've probably seen everything that you posted already. So I wouldn't waste too much of your time back filling. But I think that you can do something with with just your most recent stuff. So so it's also a blank cool.

00:38:56 Yeah. I think that answered a lot. I definitely effort make some of these changes. I'm definitely gonna wanna swing back and ask you about this. And I think from a listener standpoint, they'd probably wanna know what happens. So maybe we'll give it a couple of months, and then I'll reach out to you if you're willing, and we'll have you on again. Does that sound good? Sounds great. I would love to hear it. One more time give that social media. Tell them how they can reach you in. And then I suggest everyone kind of follow along as I changed enough said podcast in Southgate media Ripon cast patriots. So go ahead. Get your info you can reach me on Twitter the best place to reach me on. It would be on Twitter at the Taryn Arnold T. H E T A R Y N A R L D. Excellence. Yes, it once again, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I'm excited to hear. New media lab is a south gate media group production produced mixed edited and hosted by Robert Southgate, if you enjoy new media lab, you'll love Nubia labs social media Monday on the same feed. You can listen and subscribe to new media lab on itunes, Google, play Stitcher or on your favorite podcast directory, please rate, and especially review on I tunes or wherever you found our show reviews, Keith the new media lab on the charts, which helps other people find us. Additionally, please consider supporting this unpatriotic at patriot dot com. Backslash Southgate media group.

00:40:27 Oh, and don't forget to visit our website at WWW south, India group dot com slash new media lamp where you can also find past episodes, and all our other content. Thank you so much for listening to new media lab and keep creating.

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