Episode 96: Body Image with Megan Shaver


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Episode 96: Body Image with Megan Shaver

Today we invited Megan Shaver, mental health coach for Polly Pocket Fitness to discuss body image and how negative self perceptions affect both men and women of all ages. Body image issues begin as early as age 12 for boys and girls, and social media adds fuel to this fire. Megan discusses ways parents can educate and provide love and support for their children who are growing up in our digital age. We also dive into the psychology of fitness competitors, handling the post-show time frame, and how to eventually deal with transitioning out of physique competition.


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8:02 what brings you to the podcast? What do you do?

10:00 how many men struggle with body image issues? How does it manifest itself?

11:50 what type of encouragement would you give for someone post competition?

15:45 how do you know when to stop? Whether it’s bodybuilding, Botox etc?

19:05 if someone was going to retire from this sport, do you believe they should seek counseling? And how would someone go about this?

22:30 what are some other hobbies that you would suggest that are completely outside their sport?

24:00 what is the average age women have body image issues?

25:20 what can a parent do to help their 12 year old kids to help them with these issues?

28:00 what would be your advice to women who struggle with body image and intimacy? And what advice do you have for their partners?

32:45 how do you work with a client who has body image issues but has to use social media?

39:40 how do you talk to your partner about this? How much weight does your partner have in encouraging your body image?

43:30 how do you deal with couples where one gets in shape and the other doesn’t follow and their divorced a couple years later?

48:30 do you believe people use fitness to hide from what is actually a deeper issue down deep?

51:45 what advice would you give a competitor as they are working through their reverse diet as they are slowly gaining fat?

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