How Organic Food Can Change Your Life and Save the Planet.


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Welcome to The Food Solution Podcast! This podcast is all about learning how and why changing your diet and going organic can improve your health and literally save the world. As some diseases like autism show an increase in incidence from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 48, a closer look at how to deal with this is and what is causing it is needed. Plus, most of humanity has seen and experienced the effects of climate change, which all translates into a collapse of ecosystems worldwide.

Gundi Rhoades is a German veterinarian living in Australia and she has been practicing her profession for 30 years. As the owner of an organic farm, she is an expert on the subject of food and the soil in which it grows. She has deep-dived into what is happening in the agriculture industry and how food is being grown as well as the health effects associated with chemical farming. Plus, she has seen the power of organic food and how people can take ownership of their health by making the choice of going organic.

This podcast is for everybody who eats. It is for everyone who is frustrated by the current medical industry and the available treatments, for people with chronic illnesses, for women with fertility issues. This podcast is for everyone because everyone can benefit from this information!

In The Food Solution, Gundi will go over different health conditions and what happens in the body when certain foods that are grown in an unhealthy way are consumed. Gundi will provide practical tips that you can implement in your life and then give feedback on how this has felt and if you have seen any changes in your health. Plus, she will address common concerns such as the cost of going organic and the best way to go about it.

For more on how to save yourself and the planet one bite at a time, tune in!

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Topic timestamps:

(00:00): Welcome to Body & Soil!

(04:41): Who is this podcast for?

(06:13): The podcast goals

(10:50): How diet and agriculture have everything to do with the collapse of ecosystems and the increased incidence of numerous diseases

(14:10): The impact going organic can have on your life and the entire world

(18:17): Eating natural food is the panacea

(26:09): The impact of agriculture on climate change

(34:01): The medical system treats diseases and symptoms but not where they come from

(37:54): Gundi’s experience and how her years working as a veterinarian and a farm owner have allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge on the relationship between body and soil.

(44:29): A practical example of how decreased levels of just one mineral — such as calcium — can impact the overall health of any animal.

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