8 — Mark O'Mara — Defending George Zimmerman & Navigating the Media


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"I wouldn't change an hour of it. It was an absolute two-year adrenaline rush." - Mark O'Mara

  • How does it feel to be the most famous defense attorney in America?
  • How did Mark balance the challenging Zimmerman defense with the intense media scrutiny of the highest-profile case in the country?
  • What's the problem with today's juvenile justice system?
  • Which personal traits allow Mark to keep calm in the courtroom?
  • What are the dangers of trial by media?
  • How can attorneys continue to beat their professional goals and keep pushing the limits?

Representing Zimmerman In The Case That Gripped America

Mark O'Mara became a household name in 2012 when he signed on as the defense attorney for the infamous George Zimmerman. This career-defining case captured the attention of millions and changed his career forever.

In this episode, Mark dives deep into the pressures of being a lawyer thrust into the public eye — and how that challenge drove him to succeed.

The Lawyer At The Eye Of The Storm

Attorneys are used to being under scrutiny from their clients and peers in the legal community, but the Zimmerman case took it to a whole new level.

Mark was at the center of a tense — and sometimes dangerous — situation that generated a level of societal resonance that nobody could have predicted. The media and the American public were attentive to the narrative, and O’Mara’s peers questioned why he'd even take the case.

Mark explains how he dealt with the media in a way that was sensitive both to the criminal justice system and to the societal pressures — a gold standard approach that is relevant for attorneys countrywide who manage high-profile cases.

Mindset & Drive: The Calm Of The Courtroom

While other trial lawyers feel the heat in the courtroom, Mark thrives in a high-stress environment. This is his lifetime vocation — so when he’s firing on all cylinders, when every neuron is focused on that winning argument, that’s Mark’s sweet spot.

The drive, mindset, and motivation Mark embodies extend far further than any one trial. He has a career-spanning track record of successfully taking on challenging cases in order to test his capabilities and to be the best defense lawyer he can possibly be.

Key takeaways:

  • If you want to be the best criminal defense lawyer you can be, remember the reason you exist: to protect the values of the constitution. Mark is a passionate believer that defense attorneys are liberty's last champion. According to Mark, defense lawyers that aren't leveraging ALL of their skills, intellect, and expertise to take on challenging cases should start looking for a new career path.
  • In career-defining “make or break” moments, you get to see what kind of attorney someone really is. With his ethics and practices under scrutiny, Mark showed the world that he is driven by challenge, that he runs a tight ship in his organization, and that he is energized by the people around him. Behind every successful leader in the legal industry, there’s a host of supportive and dedicated associates, family members, and partners — and Mark is proud to sing their praises.
  • Through his work with several non-profits, Mark is committed to addressing some of the entrenched issues in the American justice system. He details how the juvenile system as it stands creates a breeding ground for future criminals — and the transformational interventions he wants to see implemented. For Mark it's a win for all parties: we spend less money putting juveniles in prison and more money on creating the better society we'd all like to be a part of.

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