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Astro 1.0 just dropped so Amal got its creator, Fred K. Schott, on the pod for the full rundown. They go deep on how Astro is built to pull content from anywhere and serve it fast with their next-gen island architecture.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:43) - Sponsor: Retool
(01:42) - Intro
(02:26) - Welcoming Fred
(05:38) - Intro to Astro
(07:11) - Poking at AMP
(08:01) - The content site spectrum
(10:18) - Talkin' React
(17:22) - Sponsor: Sentry
(18:15) - Astro flips the model
(20:49) - The uncanny valley
(24:01) - Fast by default
(25:15) - Easy to use?
(29:21) - BYOFramework
(33:10) - Sponsor:
(35:04) - Sponsor: Hasura
(37:00) - Islands architecture
(45:06) - DX vs UX
(47:05) - "You should use" hot takes
(48:01) - On cargo culting
(48:41) - MPAs have been a thing
(52:58) - Stripping away complexity
(53:52) - Getting started with Astro
(55:37) - What comes after 1.0?
(57:37) - Goodbye!
(58:10) - Outro

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