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Struggling through the tech job interview process? We feel you! On this episode, Amal, Nick & Amelia get together to discuss the various ways the interview process disappoints, share their own interview stories, and suggest ways we can improve the process for everyone.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:57) - Sponsor: Sentry
(01:51) - Intro
(02:35) - Hello, friends!
(03:28) - Defining the problem
(08:41) - 99 problems
(17:59) - Tooling might help
(19:41) - Sponsor: Vercel
(22:59) - Amelia's first interview
(24:57) - A big interview smell
(26:21) - Two-way streets
(28:10) - Nick's "not fun" experience
(31:01) - Interview vs job mismatch
(35:52) - Amal's recent job hunt
(41:38) - Sponsor:
(43:32) - Sponsor: Hasura
(45:33) - Nick the interviewER
(50:51) - Amelia the interviewER
(52:36) - PR review as a tool
(57:10) - Nick on empathy
(59:30) - Amelia on taking it slow
(1:00:27) - Amal on gatekeeping
(1:02:04) - Amal on humanity
(1:02:54) - Goodbye!
(1:03:21) - Outro

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