Being Religious and LGBTQ+ Affirming


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Our guest today, Leah, has a potentially life-saving message for two groups of people. She wants LGBTQ+ Christians to know that they don’t have to choose between their faith and fully being themselves. She also humbly asks religious people who are non-LGBTQ+ affirming to reconsider what they’ve learned about what the bible has to say on this topic. According to Leah, Jesus made it clear that the highest commandment is to love God and to love people, and that includes all people.

We are so honored to have Leah on the podcast with us for this critically important and timely conversation. When her daughter came out as transgender two years ago, Leah dove deep into the study of the ways humans have misinterpreted the bible with regard to LGBTQ+ people.

We so appreciate Leah’s honesty and openness about her journey to becoming an LGBTQ+ affirming Christian and her struggles with the contradiction between what she felt was right in her heart and what a lifetime of religious teachings dictated. We talk about Leah's massive commitment to educating herself and how she is continuing her studies while speaking out to spread the message that one can be a devout Christian and also fully LGBTQ+ affirming.

Some Questions We Ask:

  • Could you talk about the concept of words in a book vs. the intent of the Scripture and faith? (11:04)
  • We're looking at legislation promoting tearing families apart because the family is affirming their trans child. What are the most important things you want to say to parents? (18:20)
  • What would you say to other people who are trying to find their voice and figure out how they can speak up and make a difference without getting too far out of their comfort zone? (22:50)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Leah's journey and commitment to finding an answer in God (4:54)
  • Looking at the cultural and historical context to interpret what is written in the Bible (13:46)
  • The urgency of discussing sexual orientation and gender identity at church (17:26)
  • Why it is necessary to promote conversations even if they feel uncomfortable for many people (21:54)
  • The importance of sharing and promoting educational content about the LGBTQ+ community (35:17)


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