206: Celebrate Wins & Enjoy Life: Make Progress Series #7


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If you’re ready for a simple way to help yourself make progress that you can enjoy and have the persistence to continue that progress, then this is for you.

Continually striving to achieve, keeping your head down, working hard and pushing to the point of exhaustion and burnout might not be the best option.

Instead, what if I told you how you can use a “let’s celebrate wins and enjoy life” mindset to make progress and ultimately achieve some goals, too? What would you think about that?

Sounds great, right?

Let’s explore a few ways celebrating our wins and really just enjoying life more can end up helping us to live the lives we want. And it’s all about appreciating the pleasant moments and using that appreciation to push us forward.

Celebrating Wins & Enjoying The Simple Moments Can:

1) Give energy

  1. Helps you take action
  2. Pushes you forward

2) Help you develop the mindset that even better things are available for you

3) Show you the value of effort

  1. Feel the progress
  2. Reduce burnout by experiencing the reward of the work

There is a way we can both have some fun and make progress.

Celebrate Wins

  • Small wins count
  • Acknowledge any success
  • Value progress no matter the size or other people’s judgement

Focus on the present moment.

  • Single-task
    • Not multitask
  • Being where you’re at
  • Being mentally with the people you’re with

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