Ep. 223 Why Natural/Biodynamic Matters When it Comes to Alcohol with Todd White


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I was happy to connect with Todd White today! Todd is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a company from which I have frequently sent gifts from to friends and family over the last few years.

Todd has always taken his health and fitness seriously. He is a wine lover, but it used to make him feel bad. Looking for low-alcohol wine led him to accidentally discover natural wines via the natural wine revolution, which was starting to happen in France at the time.

Todd and I dive deep into the differences between conventional and biodynamic wines. We speak about government regulations, the lack of transparency in the wine industry, the components of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, the alcohol content of natural wines versus that of conventional wines, and how age and gender differences relate to alcohol consumption. We discuss the toxins, herbicides, and pesticides found in conventional wine products, the impact of irrigation on grapes, and what comprises sugar-free wine. We also get into why wine consumers need to educate themselves on the significant differences between conventionally produced wines in the United States and biodynamic wines.

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines! Stay tuned to learn all you need to know about the difference between conventional wines and biodynamic wines.


  • Todd discusses his background and lifestyle choices.
  • What brought about the invention of Dry Farm Wines?
  • Todd dives into the lack of transparency in the wine-making business.
  • How are conventional wines made, and how does that differ from biodynamic wine-making?
  • Why are natural wines rare, and why are they better for you?
  • Todd is passionate about educating people on how to drink better and more consciously.
  • Natural wines are lower in alcohol than commercially produced wines.
  • The benefits of drinking natural wines from a health standpoint.
  • Why do Dry Farm Wines independently lab-test every wine they sell?
  • Todd talks about the problems with irrigation and explains what dry farming means.
  • Todd talks about polyphenols in wine.
  • How does wine get sugar in it and how does it become sugar-free?
  • What do sulfates and other additives do to wine?
  • The difference between organic wine and natural wine.

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