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Inspired action is crucial for using the law of attraction, especially if you are leveraging the Law of Attraction for business.

For me inspired action feels like just doing it. I don’t think about it. I simply find myself doing it or checking something out randomly that leads to clarity or why later.

For Jeanne she describes “inspired action” as “a good idea that she doesn’t have to do. She now identifies ideas that are not inspired as “feeling like they will change everything.”

Join us today as we talk about what inspired action looks and feels like as well as much more manifesting magic.

Welcometo this episode. I am your host, Cassie parks, and I am back with the menopause guru, John Andrus for her 19th interview in her years of growth series. Jeanne Andrus 00:34 - 00:38 Welcome John. Hi Cassie. How are you Fabulous. Cassie Parks 00:38 - 00:41 tell us, how has your future self been showing up Jeanne 00:40 - 00:55 My future self has been showing up confident, happy, excited, and she's been having a super time this past weekend, which has been the most gorgeous fall weekend you would ever imagine. Cassie Parks 00:54 - 01:01 I love it. And so what's awesome because of how confident she's showing up in all the other ways she's showing up. Jeanne 01:01 - 01:29 What's awesome is the ability to relax into and really enjoy myself when I do take a break. So this weekend was a weekend off week. My husband and I just had a blast doing stuff like playing golf and going out to cocktail parties and going to the Renaissance fair and just that's awesome. Cassie 01:29 - 01:36 And so when you say relax into it, what does that mean and how is that different than the way he used to do life Jeanne 01:36 - 01:51 one of the things that I used to do is, sort of second guess myself, when I'd take a weekend off, should I be home and working, should, what should I be doing I shouldn't be an and shitting all over myself. Jeanne 01:54 - 02:24 I should be home working in the yard or I should be doing this or that, or the other thing. And the truth is that we work so hard when we work and it's really to give us the life we want. So it's stupid not to take advantage of that life. Right. And yet for so long, it's probably what happened, right Yeah. Yeah. Totally more your future self. I love it. Cassie 02:24 - 03:10 so last time we talked about showing up and this realization, that is so important and so powerful that your job is to show up is not, it's not about the results, like the results, aren't your job, your job is to show up. And so how has it been going, showing up I'm getting a little bit, so I've continued to show up both on my, my regular, my business, Facebook page and on my regular Facebook page and in real life and being willing to own who I am and what do, and this oddball thing that I do, because it's, sometimes it certainly turns a lot of guys faces red when I say what I do. Speaker 2 03:11 - 04:06 but it's then being able to put them at ease and say, it's okay, this is part of life. And I think from, for a long time that got in the way of me being able to really just show up and say, this is what I do. And so even though I'm not pushing as much and I, I did, I did this massive thing in September and in October, there was a step back from that a little bit. And I, it kind of normal so that it's not normal to show up. And sometimes it's normal not to show up, not to be there for a day or two. And that's okay. But it feels, it just doesn't feel as stressful to do the showing up. That's awesome. And I think that's what happens when we push ourselves to show up in a really big way, then the sort of the normal becomes easy. Speaker 2 04:06 - 04:53 Yes. And it becomes very like, yeah. First is if we would have, you know, and I think we have said before, like, let's aim for, what's your normal now, you know, your normal amount of showing up and posting aiming for that in the past has felt hard. But once you go all in, you know, then that's easy, right. Because that was really hard and the commitment to that and to showing up and showing up and showing up over the top, I'm a big fan of like going over the top in the beginning because that coming back to normal then feels easy. Yes. Yeah. Really does. That's awesome. And, and I will admit, there were times in October where I didn't do as much as I had hoped to, but it just feel everything that I'm doing is feeling much more easy and much more normal. Cassie 04:54 - 05:58 It's awesome. Yeah. Even the toughest of your topics, I saw show up on October in October, which was awesome. Yeah. I love it. And as a result, which is not based on, but the results are fun, right. When we, when we B, which is the showing up, instead of try and get to the results, right. When you do the being the results happen and for you, that means you have more people registered for your hot flashes webinar, how to be a hot flash, short timer then anytime before. Right Right. So new people. And it's been, it's been easy to say. I put out a series of three posts yesterday and today one yesterday and two today with four little pictures put together and, you know, sort of like which one of these causes your hot flashes and then not answering the question. And so now I've got engagement over that stuff that it just feels way more normal and way more easy Jeanne 05:58 - 06:26 To do. And now I've got engagement on that. So when people said, which one is right, I've said, come back to the webinar, come to the seminar and find out, and I know two or three of those people have actually registered for the seminar. So that's really awesome. That is awesome. And I will leave say that posts sounds super inspired. Like super, just, this would be a great idea. Not thinking, how can I do this But like, Oh, this would be a cool post. No, Speaker 2 06:28 - 06:44 Yesterday morning. And I realized, Oh, I should put a picture of Coke and a picture of coffee and a picture of beer and a picture of orange juice and say, which one of these calls doesn't cause hot flashes. And then I said, Oh, I could do that with food. And I could do that with, Speaker 3 06:45 - 07:02 So I did three of these posts and boosted them a little bit. But most of the, most of the engagement I've gotten has been from people who are already people that are friends and have seen it on my personal page. Amazing. Right. Cause Speaker 2 07:02 - 07:04 That is a, that's been a big thing in the past Speaker 3 07:04 - 07:10 Is how do we, like, how do we let those people know And the answer was, let them know what you Speaker 2 07:10 - 07:14 Good. Great. Tell them, tell them, I know Speaker 3 07:14 - 07:23 It seems so silly, but it's a big deal. And it's not just a big deal for you. Somebody listening to this, it's, it's a big deal for a lot of people, right. Speaker 2 07:23 - 07:30 If I can do it about menopause, you guys could do it about life coaching, whatever the topic is. Right. Speaker 3 07:31 - 08:22 Always a fear and it feels easy. And this, you brought up a good thing. Like somebody, like for me, I'm like, Oh yeah, you just post this, this and this or this about menopause. Right. And somebody else probably thinks the same thing, but because it's not about the topic, we just make ourselves think it's about the topic because we're justifying in our brain and try and explain what it's hard instead of just being like, I'm scared of showing and owning this new person. Right. It becomes about, well, my topic is too hard. People don't want to hear about it. There's too many of this people already talk about it. It's taboo. Like the list goes on. Cause that's what our brains do. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that's awesome. There's something else you said, Oh, I want to know how does it feel Cause cause now you've entered this new level and I, it started happening a couple of weeks ago. Speaker 3 08:22 - 08:56 I saw it happen, with the Facebook background, you know, that was perfect for hot flashes. Like they made it, they made the perfect background, which is alignment. Right. You didn't even have to go into canvas or something else and create it. You just got to create it. And it easy. Right. It's easier. so you've kind of went from this place where it was like, I have no idea what to say or I'm always saying sort of, I don't know how to make the things fit. And I know it's talked to my people right. And learn how to talk to your people and then show up. And then the showing up phase and you've Speaker 2 08:56 - 09:51 Hit inspiration, which is so how does it feel to wake up and be like, that would be a good post. And then that would be a good post in to get the thing that you, the results from that. well I think the hard part of that is that I tend to wake up at four 30 or five o'clock with those inspirations and that's awfully early. Well, it is, let's keep the inspiration coming, but that's it's, it really is. It's like I get up I'm there was a point when I started this, when I was excited about what I was doing and then sort of got stuck in all of the stuff and all of the it's not working and I don't know how to do this and I don't know how to do so. There was a place where it wasn't nearly as much fun, super fun. Speaker 2 09:51 - 10:26 Yay. You know, it was fun this morning to go out, looking for four quick photos. And I, yeah. I mean this particular batch I did, like, I found the quickest photos that explain the concept super fast. So it wasn't like I was spending all the time, but it was fun to be able to go out, how do I raise this little, a little different than the last one And, and what do I want to get out of people And what do I want to say to people And it's just really fun again. How does that feel Speaker 4 10:28 - 10:30 It feels fun. Yeah. Speaker 2 10:31 - 11:33 But it makes you happy. It makes it easier. Right It makes it easy. It makes it happy. It makes it know that you must be hitting the stride because I don't know. It's, it's like, there's been a sense of, you have to do this. You have to, you just have to keep pounding away at it. And I come from a background, my dad was a business, small business owner and it always felt like work and this doesn't feel as much like work. Yay. That's awesome. And part of it is that I, I think in the last couple of years there's been this little edge underneath. It says maybe I really don't want to make this work. Maybe this is too much time out of my life. And so you and I talked last week about reorganizing my calendar and talk about synchronicity. Those were my assignments in the program. Speaker 2 11:34 - 12:32 And I went through and I realized, so this is really what I want it to look like. I want to work with about this many people. And if that makes enough money to live on and not dig deeply into social security, not social security, but their retirement savings. That's great. I could do that forever. Yeah. As opposed to, yeah. The million dollar business would be wonderful, but I don't know if that's where I want to be anymore. I know that there's a piece of me that wants the message to get out, but maybe there's a different way. Yeah. And it allows me to just, the button allows me to open up to different options and different roads and different paths to getting to what I want, which number one is to get through retirement without winding up out of money. And what do you want to do Speaker 2 12:32 - 14:01 What do you want to, I want to be abundant through retirement, but yeah. I, I mean, yeah, I want to be abundant. I want to be able to travel. I want to be able to see my grandkids when I want it, when I want to see them. I want to have the things I want in my house and have the space that I want, but that doesn't, and there's the other piece of it, which is changing the way women all over the world experienced menopause. So abundant in retirement and changing the way women want to have experienced menopause. That doesn't mean that I have to be working 80 hours a week. Right. Yeah. And I, I mean, there's so much tied up in that, right. Because it wasn't, it's not just like you can say to someone, Oh, just like, let it be okay. And you don't have to work that much. Right. Like this is a, a combination of lots of different shifts, right. This is 19 months of yours. Yeah. That makes it so simple, like 80 hours, which is awesome. It's awesome. Whenever it happens. Yeah. And there's been a lot of time when I've said I need to work 80 hours and I can't work 80 hours. And so I'm going to rebel and not work 80 hours. Speaker 2 14:03 - 14:50 And then I'm going to feel guilty about not working 80 hours. And then the hours that I do work when I do work the 25 or 30 hours that I really want to work, I don't get anything done and I don't get anything accomplished. And the energy I put out there isn't, isn't attractive. And so many entrepreneurs do that. Yeah. But I'm going to tell you, it, it takes doing, I don't think it takes 19 months, what I'm stubborn to get here and it will take, whoever's listening. It will take you as long as it takes you. But if you can learn something from me, don't take 19 months. Speaker 5 14:52 - 15:02 And so what do you think the key is Like, if you were going to tell yourself a couple of years ago, like three pieces of advice, what would they be Listen, listen and listen. Awesome. Speaker 6 15:03 - 15:06 Or maybe listen, listen. And do yes. Speaker 5 15:09 - 16:10 I love that. And I think it's so true, right Yeah. I think, and I think a lot of it is that we, we come in think in that we know everything about our business and everything about what we want to teach out in the world. And we do that because a lot of, a lot of coaches tell you, you do, you know, they tell you, you know, everything that you, because you're going to be teaching everything that you had to learn. But what I found was that it's really hard to talk to people in the voice that knows it and also is geared to the person who doesn't know it. So they listened to it. And it's been kind of interesting. Cause I've, I'm reading a book for myself right now about, about some diets, dietary stuff. And I want to just yell at her, Speaker 6 16:13 - 16:14 Just stop, Speaker 5 16:14 - 16:25 Take a step back. Let me find the, let me find what I need to do. And then if we want to talk about all the science and I'm a science right Speaker 6 16:26 - 16:28 For me. Oh my goodness. Speaker 5 16:28 - 17:50 This is awesome. So now you're getting to experience what a lot of your pain clients were feeling, reading some of your books and the books are not, not that bad. The books are actually pretty good, definitely compared to this one that I'm reading. and I'm learning, I'm learning lots. I really, yeah. And I just want to tell her, stop, step back. Tell me how to fix this first because I am really, there's, there's one health issue I'm struggling with right now. And I'm out there looking for answers. And so I want her to just tell me it's okay. Here's how we fix it. And then if you want to know all of this science stuff we can talk about. Yes. But I want that it's okay. Let's start, let's start feeling better. Yeah. Which is exactly what you're paying clients want. Right. Yeah. Thanks for saying, they want to know is it's okay. You're normal. Normal and let's start fixing it. Yeah. Awesome. How does it feel to, to sort of see that and have that experience and know you've shifted how you're showing up, so your people aren't Speaker 2 17:50 - 17:56 Having that experience. Yeah. It's kind of fun. Speaker 5 17:58 - 18:58 It's like, Oh, this woman got a bigger book. Feel telling people this. Wow. I could actually help people wonder what wonder what they would pay me for. I wonder what kind of book deal they'd give me for that. Yeah. That's awesome. And it's really, it's really special to know, to start to understand what it was that I needed the first time. And the truth of the matter is when I think about it, what fixed me, I went to my doctor and I said, so I've been reading about, and back then it was Atkins. Now it's keto. It's really the same until you do. But I went to her and I said, so I've been reading about this Atkins stuff. A lot of people are really down on it, but it looks like something I could stay on. What do you think And she basically, she said, try it. You'll like it. Speaker 2 19:01 - 19:01 She Speaker 5 19:01 - 19:58 Didn't, she didn't bother telling me all of the stuff that I've learned. And I have learned, I mean, I can tell you how the molecules work, bother telling me that she, she told me what I needed to know, which was here. This is something that will help you fix shit. I was, I was dealing with weight issues, but I was also dealing with depression. I was also dealing with perimenopause that I didn't know, basically she just let me get better first. Right. It was awesome. That is awesome. And it's awesome now to know that that's really what my clients want. Yes. And now that you, cause we've, we had talked about this before and I would explain it and Speaker 2 19:59 - 20:01 Why tell me is why do your Speaker 5 20:01 - 20:10 Paying clients want to fix it first Why do they want to feel better first Isn't that obvious feel better Speaker 2 20:10 - 20:12 Right Cause that's what they actually want. Speaker 5 20:20 - 21:16 Know, I'm laughing about this and I'm saying, but it took forever. And honestly, I do, I do have a following among people who really like science, but they don't want to pay me. They just want me to tell them about science. They're just getting information. Right. That's who they are. They're going to go do their own thing. They're going to do their own thing. And they want the science that I found out and that's fine. Yeah, that's fine. it's not going to help the person who really needs, who really needs to just have her handheld through changing a few things in her life that will make her feel better. Right. It's amazing. Yeah. And it's taken quite a bit of growth. Right. And so we were talking before the interview and I love the way, you know, you feel like right now you're sort of taking a breath. Speaker 5 21:16 - 22:40 You've grown, grown, grown, grown. And now it's a pause in living in that pause, which I love, because I think this is really how growth happens. So talk a little bit about that. So if you've listened to the last two or three and I, I, my understanding is now you're putting together a whole series of one person talking for several weeks. Yeah. Listen to the last few, there was a huge amount of excitement that there was also a huge amount of growth that was showing up in each of those interviews and growth. And then slowly coming back to earth and then growing some more and then trying to get through that fear and growing some more. And it was big and it was exhausting in a way because I was just changing so much. So, so fast. It's like when a little kid grows and they grow through their growth spurts and their body starts to ache because growing so much. And I think that that's where, where things are right now is sort of like, now I need to just sort of breathe into this. I don't have to, I don't have to drop back into the fear. Right. I don't have to drop back into the fear. I just have become the person for him. This is normal. Speaker 5 22:43 - 23:46 So I can't grow. I don't want to say I can't grow, but the growth is more subtle now it's making it all normal, making it all a piece of who I am. And I think if you, I don't know, two months ago, I asked you, if you ever felt like you just were your future self. And I know we keep growing and we keep becoming and we keep being more and maybe more abundant at all. But sometimes, you know, it feels more like I am the person that I script about and places where that script was in authentic or becoming authentically. Yes. The places where it was authentic is what I'm doing. And the places where I was inauthentic are dropping out and more and more of my decisions come from her point of view. And my Speaker 2 23:47 - 24:56 Reactions come from her point of view and my actions. Yeah. There's another, there's another five-year future self. Who's grown more. But when I look at it, it's, there's less of a distance between her and me now. Absolutely. And that, that shorter distance is really about the beingness, right Like it's about who you're being. It's not, like when I think about the script that's popping into my mind is you're, you know, you had a, a wellness, you had a retreat center one, right And they, the authentic parts in that you had to, I'm curious what you say, I would say are the person like, you didn't know how to speak to her. Right You could help. You could show up, you could, you genuinely cared. Those were all authentic. But, but what was maybe what you're using is an authentic, is like, you didn't actually know how to get those people there. Like you didn't know how to speak to them. Right. I didn't know how to recruit them. And to be honest, I really didn't want the data. Speaker 2 24:59 - 26:05 I wanted somebody else to run this place. Now I just want, I just want somebody else to run the place that I could write and yeah. Which is awesome. And that's all part of the growth process. Even learning that and letting go of that. If you've listened to John's interview, we talk about that in one interview and giving you that experience of is, is really one of the keys is letting us experience everything we want. We think we want. And then we figure out what we actually want. And it's actually even funding because, I adopted a second dog a couple of months ago. And what I realized is that I want the ability to travel when I do, when I, when I travel, and travel, when I want change houses, when I want. And basically it became a realization that the animals that I have right now, that's free that I have right now are the last animals I will ever own. Speaker 2 26:05 - 26:42 they won't be the last animals in my life, but there's also a part of me that, that every time a dog comes up for foster, I just want to go and take it and bring it home and make it better. And so what I realized is that foster gives me that opening to have a dog here when I need it and want it, and to slowly give up and giving up, giving them up is not an, it's not a here. Take my dog. It's a, one of my dogs is 13 and she's a big old girl. And she's, Speaker 5 26:44 - 26:57 She's got a few years, but not 30 years. And yeah. So I it's, it's just these realizations that this is the way a lifelike work. Speaker 3 26:58 - 26:59 Yes. And you get everything Speaker 5 27:00 - 27:15 And everything. And I get everything because I'm starting black running dogs. Non-profits which fosters, which lusters two black dogs a year and teaches them how to run and then gives them away. Speaker 3 27:16 - 27:37 Oh, I love it. That's awesome. Yeah. It's so cool. Right. Because you, and you could have never figured that out, thinking that you have to just become this person and get closer and closer and closer to that life. And then the answer. Oh yeah. I follow all the best of all worlds, right Speaker 5 27:39 - 28:19 Yeah. It is because it actually works for another, for another rescue. I don't even have to pay the vet bills. That's awesome. But yeah, because I, with my love of running, I can just bring the dog into the house and work with my existing dog to teach her how to teach the new dog, how to be a great companion on runs. And then I have done two things. I kept, I've got a woman who's not comfortable running outside by herself. She's got now has a dog. That's already trained to do this. Yeah. And I've saved the dog's life. Speaker 3 28:20 - 28:27 Amazing. And you get to live this free life that you want. Right. That's amazing. Speaker 5 28:27 - 28:32 And when I change houses in the year, I just delivered the dog. Speaker 3 28:33 - 29:07 Yeah. That's awesome. I love it. And it's so much closer and this is what happens. Everybody thinks we get the stuff first, but that it's, we have to become first. And you're like this such the shining example of this right now, it's becoming that whole person that lives inside that script. Now the stuff is going to start showing up super quickly. Yeah. Yeah. How does it feel to be her be so much of her Speaker 5 29:09 - 29:55 It just feels right. And I know right. Is not promotion, but it feels, it feels like the decisions that are in alignment just, they're so different than the ones that are out of the line. And, you know, it's like no walking, walking out and running with, with shadow and knowing that my older dog is, you know, coming to the, and I don't want to say she's sick or she, cause she's not, but she's not. It's obvious that she is an older dog. And then realizing that if I replaced her, but then just feeling this running dogs. Speaker 3 29:56 - 30:00 Yeah. There's your animal like That's awesome. Speaker 5 30:01 - 30:37 There's my animals. There's my love of running. There's my need to have the animals in my life. Yeah. And then there's my doing something for someone else. Because like I said, there are women who don't run because they, they don't feel comfortable going out in their area and running by themselves. So I know that when I take my dog out, I never worry about anybody hassling me, but he will. Cause they're not sure what she'll go. Right. That's awesome. Speaker 3 30:38 - 30:49 I love it. So good. And what a great way to live into the pause. Right. Of just getting even more comfortable and yes, this is coming and this is happening. Speaker 5 30:51 - 32:03 Yeah. It's all unfolding perfectly. Yeah. So I, I don't feel, I mean, I feel like I'm, I'm doing a seminar tomorrow night that felt like inspired action. Yeah. This sort of menopause survival seminars and to have one about once a month and that felt really good, but it didn't feel like I needed to try and get a thousand people there. Yeah. And there's another, that's another difference is this realization that very often my people come from dot come from this sales funnel that every coach tells you, you have the app. Right. They come from somebody seeing something that I posted and saying to their friend, go talk to her. Or they come from other, other clients where they come from this, talking about this, someone and someone reacting to it. And so the people who need to be there will come. Yeah. Speaker 3 32:03 - 32:22 Yeah. That's awesome. I want to ask you, this, so what have you identified How does your inspired action Because I think you truly truly know what that feels like now. How does that feel in feel different than when you used to think it was inspired Speaker 5 32:25 - 32:30 This is going to sound off. Okay. And it may not be this for everybody. I think it's Speaker 3 32:30 - 32:32 The same for everyone. That's why I'm asking. Yeah. Speaker 5 32:33 - 32:41 So I think for me, inspired action feels like it's a good idea, but I don't have to do yes. Speaker 2 32:42 - 33:21 Whereas uninspired action feels like I've got to do this right now because this will make all the difference in the world. So it's the desperation. And I don't even always see that sometimes, you know, I'll come to a call and you'll say, sit back in that one for a little bit and see whether that really is what it, what it's feeling like. But the uninspired action in the moment feels inspired. And like the thing that will make all the difference, whereas the truly inspired action feels like a good idea. Yeah. Speaker 3 33:21 - 33:34 Yes, yes. I love it. And that I'm sure is going to resonate with someone else because that's amazing. And it does feel different for everyone, you know, for everyone. Right. Speaker 2 33:34 - 33:53 I think someone else, it might be almost exactly the opposite and inspired action. Like I feel like the action you can't not do. Yeah. But I'm, I'm beginning to realize that when I am so convinced that this is the thing that will change everything, that's the one I have to let go. Speaker 3 33:53 - 34:20 Yeah. What pops up into my mind is this, you wanted to do some coupon, invite a friend, something before the menopause. Right. And, and what you let go of was that, and then what had, and then what happened was showing up for all of menopause awareness month. Yes. Yeah. Amazing. Well, tell everyone how they can connect with you gets rid of some symptoms along their menopause journey. Speaker 2 34:21 - 35:08 I show up in Facebook almost every day on the weekends, less so on the weekends, but, that is menopause guru. and it, if you do a Facebook search on menopause guru, I am go to my site, which is and see what's happening. There, there should be something going on and more and more I'm showing up. They're letting you know what's happening there. And there is an opportunity for you to sign up for my weekly emails. I try not to lead people with emails, but there's lots and lots of good information about what's happening in your body as you go through you, posture Speaker 3 35:09 - 35:15 Amazing. and any final thoughts or things that you want to share as we close today, Speaker 2 35:15 - 35:38 I don't think you should walk your menopause journey. And I don't think you should walk your business journey. Now I can't help you with the second, but I do know somebody who can, and that's why I keep showing up here month after month after month. And if you are a woman from the age of 40, 40, two 43, all the way Speaker 3 35:38 - 36:07 Through your sixties and you don't understand your body, let's talk about it. I'd love to talk. Thank you. You're welcome. That's awesome. and you can talk to John, as she said, find our menopause guru on Facebook or go to this has been fabulous. Thank you all for tuning in. Thank you, John, for sharing this moment in your journey. Thank you for having me, absolutely. And make sure to come back and check out John's next interview in her years of growth series. Speaker 1 36:09 - 36:19 Thank you for joining us on the law of attraction, manifesting success stories, show to learn how to identify your current money story. Go to identify your money story. Don't call.

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