#309 Robert Fritz- Creating Your Life As Art on The Path of Least Resistance


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Join my Momentum Makers Inner Cirlce - Click HERE Robert Fritz is an accomplished composer, filmmaker, and writer, and he is also an organizational consultant for some of the largest companies in the world. Robert began to see that the very same process that creators use to create music, painting, sculpture, dance, drama, film, poetry and literature could be applied to the way people live their daily lives, that it is possible to approach the life building process in exactly the same way – as if it were a work of art. He went on to develop his first course to teach people to use the creative process in their lives and later began to train instructors in his approach. Since then, more than 80,000 people throughout the world have taken trainings developed by him. His first book, The Path of Least Resistance, became an international bestseller. A true classic, it details how a person can utilize the creative process and the knowledge of structure to create their life according to their highest aspirations and deepest goals. You can see my notes & recap on Robert's book Your Life as Art HERE. Key Takeaways
  • Your life is art, go create it.
  • Your life structures determine your outcomes.
  • We do not choose what we love but you need to build the foundation of your life around your true desires.
  • You must face reality and see it clearly.
  • Please don’t waste your time trying to like what you don’t like. Instead, make strategic choices about what’s more important to you, and what’s less important to you.
  • Clarity about what you want to bring into being simplifies your life, while opening a source of strength to tackle all the secondary choices that may be needed to accomplish your goal. How do you reach such clarity? You decide for yourself what you will let your life be about.
  • You have the prospect of bringing out the highest potential in the circumstances of your life, even when the situation may be difficult at first.

Episode in one sentence: Understand what you want to create • Know reality • Establish structural tension • Eliminate the concepts you have built into your life.

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