221: Parents, Don't Let Them Steal Your Growth


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This Episode’s Main Points:

  • Personal growth and development is important
  • Parents and other busy people can grow personally
  • You can take small steps toward you own development

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Show Notes:

A crazy life full of demands for time and attention is nothing new to any parent. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on making progress toward the life you want. Let’s talk about personal development for parents.

I know your time is short, and the list of responsibilities is long. That is why today I just want to share a little encouragement and a few suggestions to help you care for yourself and your personal development.

Oh ya, and these also apply even if you’re not a parent.

How to keep growing personally when time is short and responsibilities are long.

  • You can be your best
    • And it’s worth the effort

  • Your best isn’t perfect
    • No one is perfect. And definitely don’t compare yourself to someone else.

  • One thing at a time
    • Trying to do everything at the same time kills all progress. Believe me. I know. Of all the ones I’ll share today, this one probably gives me the most trouble. But, even though I’m not perfect at it, I know it works. And it works even without being perfect.

  • Small Steps Count
    • This one simple thing is especially powerful for us as parents. And of course, it’s helpful for anyone who is busy too. You can take small steps toward your goal. And you can fit them in wherever you can.

  • Do what you can do
    • This goes right along with ‘you don’t have to be perfect’ and ‘small steps count.’ Still worth saying. Do what you can do. Reminds me of the quote “do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.”

  • Give yourself some grace
    • Parents need this one. Non-parents need this one. Young, old, tall, short, everyone needs this one. And it seems like more and more we need to give it to ourselves and to others. Today, let’s just focus on giving ourselves a little more grace.

  • Find what works for you
    • There are two parts to this one. In order to find what works, you have to try things. You can’t find out what works for you if you don’t ever put in the effort and work on your self-development. Keep at it until you see some results.

  • Care for yourself
    • Doing the things that are good for you and not just the things you feel like doing. Binging on Netflix with a half gallon of ice-cream would be nice at the moment. But, that probably wouldn’t be good for me in the long run.
    • Look at self-care as those things that take a little effort that are good for your body, mind, mental health, and so on. A little self-care not only helps you be a better, healthier, sharper you, it also can help you be better for those you care about too.

There are many benefits to putting in some work to become the best version of yourself that you can be. With or without kids, it’s challenging. It takes work and time.

Still, you can do it and it’s worth it.

To Help You Implement

  • Keep it simple
  • Start small
  • Don’t give up

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