Thriving during the Pandemic using our Adaptability Quotient with Ira Wolfe


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On this episode of Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco, our host speaks with Ira Wolfe, a millennial in a baby boomer body, speaker, president of success, and blogger. Listen as they talk about pandemic at large, the fixed vs. growth mindset, including adaptability quotient, and much more.

3 Key Points:

  1. The ability of the person to adapt to change depends on personality and behavior. There are those who adapt well or thrive for change.
  2. There are two economies happening now due pandemic, and there’s great difference in the socio-economic status of people in both economies.
  3. Adaptability Quotient provides different dimensions that help people learn how to survive and thrive despite the change.

Episode Highlights:

  • 42:18 Ira Folfe is an older baby boomer who is still learning and growing.
  • 3:42 Carol Dweck's studies show that the most successful kids in the class weren't always successful.
  • 4:48 The fixed mindset is, we are trying to live our bubble trying to protect our image.
  • 4:54 The growth mindset is constantly learning and unlearning.
  • 7:00- We don't go backward, so going back to normal after the pandemic is not going to happen.
  • 8:45 People must be comfortable with change and uncertainty because the new normal is not as predictable as it was.
  • 9:54 We learned in the present, but it conflicts with what we've learned in the past.
  • 11:00 Personalities and behaviors are absolutely impacting change.
  • 13:30 The problem is not the amount of change but the phase at which we experience so much change.
  • 14:50 There are two economies happening amidst the pandemic.
  • 16:51 Front liners are now essential workers and have a more secure job than professionals who are struggling.
  • 22:26 Adaptability Quotient gives different dimensions that helps people get comfortable with change.
  • 24:01 Dealing with ambiguity is by listening to opposing points of view. .
  • 34:00 Adaptability Quotient covers mental flexibility, growth mindset, and unlearning dimension, as well as grit and resilience.
  • 36:00 Resilience is the biggest driver of adaptability.
  • 37:30 The more adaptability you have, the higher is your EQ.
  • 37:55 Adaptability provides courage to have hope for a better future.
  • 38:11 EQ gives hope, courage, positivity in life, and allows us to see challenges as opportunities.
  • 41:02 Change is happening, the pandemic just accelerated that change.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You can either look at every3thing as a challenge or everything as an opportunity, and I tend to look at everything as an opportunity. “- Ira Wolfe
  • "What's interesting in these 2 economies, we have a whole group that's thriving and a whole group who's suffering. The socio-economic differences are not great. "- Ira Wolfe
  • ‘Today is the slowest phase of change that we experience in our lives, which is frightening some people and exciting for others. "- Ira Wolfe
  • “We as a leader, not only keep an eye on the ball but also need to be resilient. That's the setback, and we have to learn how to be smart and navigate around that."- Ira Wolfe
  • “You can either decide you gonna be in despair and try to fight the world or help find the courage to thrive in this new world.”- Ira Wolfe

Resources Mentioned:

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