Spirituality 101: Are You a Lightworker?


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Lightworkers are here to make the world a better place. Are you one? You might be! Today I go over what a lightworker is, the 6 signs you might a Lightworker and the 3 Stages of Becoming a Lightworker (that I totally made up).

The 6 Signs You Might Be a Lightworker

1. You sense you have a purpose

2. You can feel energy

3. You have periods of deep inner personal self discovery

4. You have a challenging family history

5. You feel hopeful about the future and the world

6. Being Authentic is Central to your beliefs

Lightworkers experience a spiritual ascension process where they shed old parts of themselves so they can more deeply focus on the aspects of themselves that will shine the Light even more!

The 3 Stages of Becoming a Lightworker (which I totally made up based on my own experience and that of people I know, which could be incomplete, and is totally not rigid in any way)

1. WTF is Happening—Life Implosion

Things seems to go wrong in a big way and old problems seem to be on your mind—to the point where you’re doing drugs or in therapy or both sometimes!

2. Discover Truth

You discover several truths about yourself, deepen your knowledge and skills with energy and spirituality while your preferences for high vibe experiences increases. Many aspects of your life adjust to this change. Lower vibe stuff and people becomes more and more intolerable.

3. Living In Purpose

Well, you know you’re a Lightworker by now. You let no one stand in your way of doing Your Version of being a Lightworker, which you have a clear picture of how you are to be doing it. You know what to expect when you have another ascension and even welcome it because you know it comes with many good things. You know that your life is always changing.

I love working with lightworkers, and people who are about to discover they are lightworkers! If you see signs that you are in the first stage that I talked about above—we should definitely connect!

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