82 - Sitting still and owning up to the BS you tell yourself


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So 3 weeks in a leg brace ... If you know me you have probably heard me say, "you would have to strap me to a bed and sedate me in order to stop me walking and training every day." What has come up in the last few weeks is all the fear underneath the constant moving that I tend to do. Sure I meditate (at 4am before I get up and start moving), I contemplate (while I hike or swim), I sit down to eat (most of the time). But I have know for a very long time that I have a fear of sitting still. I had a workshop at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute) for two days last week. I enrolled last year and every time I thought about it, or saw it in the diary, I felt that mix of fear and a desire to pull out that is all too familiar. Even after hurting my leg and being put in a leg brace, I didn't want to do it. If there is something that involves sitting down for hours on end ... I really do not want to do it. Long lunches. Full day workshops. Lectures. Long drives, long flights, basically anything that requires more than 30 minutes sitting down. If I have spare time I clean the windows, vacuum, go for a run, walk to the shops. take the kids and dog to the park, run around finding jobs to do ... anything to avoid sitting down. Why? What is with this fear? It is the same fear that you may feel about sitting still, or not watching TV every night, or not having your phone to check when you sit at the bar waiting to meet your friend. Or maybe it’s the fear that is underneath your snacking every time you have spare time, or calling your mum, or messaging friends, checking email, checking your apps, news feed ... What do you do to check out? To avoid being alone with yourself? What is beneath that fear? For me in the past I would eat or drink wine. That was my go to that caused the most damage in my life. But for my entire adult life movement has been the big one. The one I refuse to let go off. The one that is 'healthy' and 'good for you' and a 'good addiction to have'. It is also a great way to avoid being alone with yourself, with your true self, with all the stuff underneath. So ... that’s been my week. Being faced with all the stuff underneath. Learning to love that stuff, learning to question that stuff, to test if it is true, and to let it go if it isn't. This week’s podcast is about the stuff and about being honest with yourself - recorded with so much love for you all. If you are ready to put all your podcast listening into action you have to check out my coaching program. Your Life Designed a monthly coaching program for high functioning people who want to invest in their personal development. This program brings together the latest research on human potential and high performance. It teaches you actionable strategies to implement in your life. It takes ideas, knowledge and learning to the next level, so that you get the results you want in your life. For as little as $25.00AUD per week this program gives you the skills to consistently perform at a high level in all areas of your life with a sense of joy, confidence and fulfilment. Your Life Designed. Extraordinary people. Extraordinary lives. Learn more and subscribe today at https://www.lauracarrocci.com/coaching Connect with Laura and find out more - https://lauracarrocci.com Send Laura an email - laura@lauracarrocci.com Podcast produced by Apiro - http://apiropodcasts.com

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