Why You Should Build Communities, Not Audiences with Tony Whatley


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Why You Should Build Communities, Not Audiences with Tony Whatley

In the tech and software industry, there is a lot of skepticism around coaching. Too many people are coaching who haven’t actually achieved their own success. Today’s guest, Tony Whatley, is an exception. Tony is the founder of 365 Driven, a program to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses, as well as the author of Side Hustle Millionaire. He tells us how he built a business in the automotive community and sold it for a seven-figure exit before successfully replicating the model for another business, and how he got into the coaching industry after a near-death experience that changed his perspective and his priorities. Learn about 365 Driven, how it works, and how it’s different from other coaching programs, before understanding the difference between communities and audiences, and the importance of building life-long relationships in business. We discuss Clubhouse; how much time we spend on it, and some of our frustrations with it, as well as how it can be used as a powerful networking and business tool. Tune in today!


  • [00:15] An introduction to Tony Whatley.
  • [01:04] Learn about the previous company he built and sold, and how he got into coaching.
  • [02:08] A near-death experience and how it shifted Tony’s perspective.
  • [03:42] Eric and Tony share their thoughts on VR simulated near-death experiences to create perspective changes.
  • [04:44] 365 Driven, how it works, and how it is different from other coaching programs.
  • [06:34] The different groups and tiers of 365 Driven.
  • [07:39] Eric talks about the skepticism associated with coaching and how it can be used as a powerful funding mechanism.
  • [08:41] The importance of building communities in business and why Tony is doing more live events.
  • [09:32] The difference between communities and audiences or followers, and how Tony builds communities and relationships.
  • [11:30] How to find great community moderators to build and maintain communities.
  • [13:19] How much time Tony and Eric spend on Clubhouse.
  • [13:54] The value of Clubhouse as a networking and business tool.
  • [15:16] How Eric has benefited from Clubhouse.
  • [15:44] Find out how Tony has made $46 k through Clubhouse in less than two months.
  • [18:45] Tony talks about how he is building his coaching business through ads and webinars.
  • [19:50] Tony and Eric share their frustrations with Clubhouse.
  • [21:24] The value of creating a DM culture.
  • [22:40] Tony’s longterm mission: to help people become better individuals.
  • [23:32] What racing and cars have taught Tony about life and business.
  • [24:46] Tony’s favorite business book and business tool.

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